A Tuesday Treat Dom of Destruction from Eva LeFoy.

So happy to be at Daisy Banks’ blog today for her Tuesday Treat!

Daisy Banks Blog

nice strawberry lady

Welcome to Tuesday Treat, this is an adult excerpt. If you continue to read from here you acknowledge you are over 18.

My guest today is Eva LeFoy with a snippet from her latest m&m story.

Enjoy this snip from Dom of Destruction.

My latest book, Dom of Destruction, came out from MLR Press on September 5th. In it, we follow the story of Brian and Gar as the two of them try to figure out what their attraction is or will become. It’s not easy for two confused guys to reach an agreement! There’s bickering, posturing, crankiness and even a few idle threats thrown in. But isn’t that par for the course in a love story?

Even though Gar and Brian met in book II, Kink Club Blues, it’s not until halfway through book III when they kiss. When they do, it’s more about Gar comforting Brian than…

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