#MasturbationMonday android style #scifi #romance #erotic excerpt


Who says androids don’t do it better? After all, the running joke is they have removable parts, right? Which makes things like masturbation oh-so-handy!

Today, I’m bringing you a masturbation scene from a SciFi Romance novella of mine called Download My Love. In the scene, Samantha went looking for a sleep aid and found only a vibrating dildo in the medicine cabinet. So then she…..

* * *

Biting her lip, she dipped her finger in her pussy and brought a tiny bit of moisture up to her clit. Circling the bud with two fingers she closed her eyes and attempted to relax. It sort of worked.

Her other hand caressed the dildo positioned at her entrance. The fine texture of the form felt almost skin-like. So soft. So smooth. Sort of like Everett’s skin. She gasped. Why did she think of that comparison? She’d only been next to him for a few seconds.

Uh-unh, her brain chided. You clung to him for a long time. All the while he ran you were plastered to his body like a new coat of paint.

“Oh shit, it’s true.” Not only that, but he smelled divine. She relaxed into the memory, and the head of the unit popped inside. “Mmm.” The slight fullness made her wetter. She repositioned her legs and tilted her hips for easier insertion. “Yes, this is nice.” Fingers still working her nub, she pressed the dildo a little further in. As it stretched and filled her, she relaxed a little more. “Oh yeah.”

Feeling like a lunatic for having fun after the day she’d had, she inserted it deeper anyway and moaned. The thickness was perfect. It filled but didn’t overfill and the tip curved slightly at the end hitting all the right places. She wanted it all the way in though there wasn’t much to grab onto. Didn’t dildos have handles?

She shook her head and pushed on the end of the unit. Suddenly it moved. She suppressed a scream–barely–and pulled it out. The whole unit vibrated but it also…gyrated. “What the heck?”

The upper portion swirled around independently while the base stayed still. No wait. It grew in her hand. It thickened, swelling in circumference.

“Oh my God. That’s really kinky. Who designed this thing?” A sex expert most likely. The skin softly pulsed with warmth. After a moment’s hesitation, she knew she’d have to try it or she’d always regret missing the chance. She quickly lay back on the bed and re-inserted. Knowing what to expect this time, she braced herself for the odd sensations. But they didn’t feel odd at all. They felt…good. Awesome, actually. In seconds she hovered on the brink of orgasm.

Excited, she brought her fingers back to her clit and pressed. Immediately the first tingling waves spread through her. Her legs fell open as the dildo wriggled inside her, pleasuring her in spots she’d never been touched before. The base enlarged as though to hold itself in but it needn’t have bothered. She wasn’t letting this wonderful instrument out any time soon. Its supple yet firm texture and ability to vibrate and pleasure her everywhere at once gave her the most complete, long-lasting orgasm of her life. Her pussy threatened to explode with overwhelming glee. God, she wanted to scream!

* * *

Find out what Everett does when he finds out Samantha used his …unit. Ha!

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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