Six Sentence Sunday – #MFRW #PNR #sixsentencesunday from #werewolf wip


I’m currently working on a shift?????????????????er story that’s going to be *HOT* In it, a woman gets bitten in the woods and since it’s a full moon, her first shift will occur that night. O.o Luckily, she has a defender who runs off the bad wolf. The good wolf also offers to help her through her first shift – by making love to her!

She’s a bit skeptical, until the first, strong, unfamiliar pains begin to overwhelm her reason and her body. What is she becoming? Can she handle the change alone, or does she need his help?

Here’s Kate deciding she needs help though not from Jonas:

* * *

“Oh. My. God.” Letting out a long breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding, I sank to the floor. Jonas was gone. I was alone with … whatever. God, I could not make sense of this. The man had to be lying, but either I was having the mother of all hot flashes way too early in life, or the bite had done me serious damage. Quickly I rolled onto my side and slid my jeans down.

The heat emanating from the wound made my hand warm even before I gently probed it. The area around the bite was red and tender, but the fang holes themselves no longer bled. They’d closed up completely – leaving only tiny faint scars. “Holy shit.” I knew my immune system wasn’t compromised by HIV or anything but this rapid a healing wasn’t normal. Surely my eyes deceived me but without a doctor’s advice…

Three drinks or not, I needed to get my clothes back on and head to the E.R.

 * * * 

Well, we all know a doctor isn’t going to cure what ails her! Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Thanks for reading!



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