#MasturbationMonday be gentle it’s my first time! #LGBTQ


Yes, it’s my first time participating in Masturbation Monday. What did you think? That I’d never done the solo deed before? Pshaw! Of course I have. Me and every other adult alive on the planet. After all, what’s more fun to do on a quiet Saturday morning?

Today, I’m bringing you a masturbation scene from a F/F novella of mine called No Glass Between Them. In the scene, Alyce is watching her fantasy woman, Contessa, from behind the one-way glass as she dances at the club.

* * *

Beauty girl dance in orange go-go costumeContessa came down off the stage, strode to Room One and opened her robe.

“Damn, it,” she hissed. “Come over here and do that.”

Letting the fabric puddle to the floor, she sauntered to Room Two and bent over, exposing her ass. Her fingers played with the fabric of her thong, stretching and opening it. The guy in Room Two was getting a good show.

Outside of Room Three, she took a wide stance, fondling her breasts and going up near the glass.

Alyce panted at the show, desperate to be on the receiving end of the display. Desperation turned to hope as Contessa spurned Room Four with barely a glance, and walked right by Five. She hung from the bar for a few minutes tossing her head back, jiggling her breasts, spreading her legs. The usual male turn-ons. All the while Alyce waited her turn, pacing along the window and following her moves.

Contessa went to Rooms Eight and Nine before coming back her way.

She held her breath. At last Contessa stopped outside her booth, too far away to touch, but welcome nonetheless. She shimmied and danced for her, then came closer to the glass. To Alyce’s glee, she lifted her hair and pressed her back against it, then slid down slowly.

Alyce pressed her hands to the glass, imagining she could feel the snowy white skin against her palms. Imagined she could feel the sweat, smell her perfume permeating the air. Pleasure coursed through her, rendering her weak-kneed. When Contessa turned around and pressed her body to the glass, she let out a moan, pressing hers back, opening her mouth to kiss her.

All she tasted was dirty glass, but in her mind she wrapped her hands around Contessa’s hips and drew her near until her breasts were pressed up against her. Moaned into her mouth as she inserted the strap-on inside her and rode her with a hard steady pace until she screamed in ecstasy. Then they came together, their juices flowing and joining on the bed. All the while Contessa emitted high-pitched cries as she ground her hips underneath her. Goddess!

Alyce’s pussy clenched and she moaned Contessa’s name, riding so high on the fantasy she released again with barely a touch of her fingers. But when she opened her eyes, her fantasy woman had gone and was already heading toward the exit door. Show over.

* * *

There’s more to Alyce and Contessa’s story in Dirty Little Lies, book II in the Sturdy Accountant series.

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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