Ted’s Lesbian Fantasy #GLBTQ #Wip excerpt

Lesbian couple


What are two women who want to have a baby to do when in-vitro fertilization falls short and fertility treatments don’t work? There’s always adoption, true, but what if the woman want to carry their own baby to term? It’s enough to drive two horny women to take the matter into their own hands – and try the old fashioned method! All they need is a willing cock…

They find one in Ted. Of course, he’s not in on their little secret. He thinks he’s in for the sexual fantasy of his life come true! In a way he’s right, but the outcome might change his life in more ways than one.

That night at the movie theater, they put their plan into motion and this is part of what happens from Ted’s point of view:

The cunt of the woman riding me starts to grab and suck as she rocks back and forth. My entire length’s inside her, my head knocking against her peak. She leans back, holding onto the chairs in the next row for support, and I get a full view of her body. She’s got tattoos on her hips that look like eagle wings and her breasts are full and round. When she speeds up, I know I’m done for.

A couple seconds later she screams, her cunt squeezing in a rapid pattern as her hips piston up and down.

I clutch the chair as a hot burst of cum exits my balls and surges up my cock. We’re all screaming in unison – me, the women on the screen, and the woman riding me cowgirl style. My hips press up, seeking, wanting to take me deeper, burying myself in her forever. Her cunt is so perfect, so tight, that it takes my breath away.

I watch her body bow and flex as her release unravels, all the while spearing her for all I’m worth. I need her, need inside her as far as I can go.  I’m so obsessed with fucking her that I totally forget the two women on the screen, don’t even hear the woman behind me get out of her chair and come down the aisle. But suddenly, she’s standing next to me.

Mystery woman’s orgasm tapers off and she rides me slower, but her eyes are still closed and she’s smiling. She appears to have gotten everything she needed and seems oblivious to the other woman watching us.

Following the other woman’s gaze, I look down at where our bodies join. The blonde’s channel is sticky with my cum. It’s surrounding me, bathing us both with its warmth. Two things jump to mind. One, that we used no protection and two, that I really want to do it again. But I’m not crazy about having an audience.

Before I can formulate a plan to ask her back to my apartment, the woman next to me edges up to the woman riding me and smiles. “Do you mind if I…?”

The blonde opens her eyes and shakes her head. The other woman begins to caress her breasts, both of them. I notice that her hands are large and her haircut is short and close-cropped. She’s wearing jeans and a tight white tank top that shows off her firm pointed breasts and a stiff pair of nipples obviously not restrained by a bra.  If she’s a dyke she’s not a bad looking one. My cock leaks watching her hands play over the blonde’s nipples, my own private porno dream coming true in the flesh.

The blonde is moaning and starts riding me again. With the pressure to come momentarily abated, I sit back and enjoy the show. The other woman sucks a nipple into her mouth and palms the other one, and it certainly looks like she knows what she’s doing. I’m about to ask her why that is when she stops, peels off her top and tosses it aside. Then, she strips out of her jeans showing off a lacy blue thong. She wriggles her hips suggestively and I can’t believe I’m seeing this.

* * *

Find out what other secret fantasies Ted harbors when the story releases soon!

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