#GLBT Teaser Tuesday from Dom of Destruction #MM #kink

Today I’m working on final edits for Dom of Destruction, out soon from MLR Press. It’s book III in the Love Hurts series and features Gar and Brian’s relationship as well as Paul and Geoffrey’s continuing courtship. Here’s a small snippet:

Gar smaller

“Take it easy.” Gar melded their mouths together with feathery pressure as he guided Brian back down. Sliding his arm under Brian’s head, Gar cuddled him close, his touch barely a whisper against his skin. Kind, thoughtful, unwilling to hurt him. Gar trailed soft kisses over his face. Such tenderness from a man his size was swoon-worthy.

Brian sighed at the contact and swallowed down the loneliness and pain. “Please, Gar. I don’t care if it hurts. Just do me. Here. I need you.”

“No.” Gar pulled back and Brian worried he’d get up all together and end their evening. “Not here. Let’s do this at your place. I’ll follow you home, okay? You’ll be more comfortable there and we won’t be interrupted.” He sat up on the bed and eased Brian’s wrecked body off it in slow motion.

When he got to standing, Brian found himself wrapped in Gar’s arms. He wanted to stay there forever, and pressed his nose to Gar’s neck, inhaling his deeply masculine scent. His skin smelled like cloves and musk.

“I’ve got you, baby.” He kissed down the side of Brian’s face and neck. “Can you drive?”

His cock began to harden and though he didn’t want to ruin the moment, he nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Gar led him out of the room, past the front desk and into the parking lot. When they parted at Brian’s car, Gar kissed him again. “I’ll be right behind you. Drive safe.”

At his condo, Brian eased out of the car trying not to wince in pain. Gar watched, seeming desperate to assist him, but in truth there wasn’t much he could do. Brian’s ass hurt, the backs of his legs ached, and his entire backside was bruised. Gar would have to flip him over like a pancake and carry him to not cause him pain, but his front side didn’t feel much better. He’d just have to make it to his door on his own. Sighing, he walked to the elevator, happier than he’d been in over a week. “Come on up.”

“I’d love to.”

Having Gar beside him made all the difference. Brian stood a little straighter, forgot about his pain and fell into Gar’s eyes. He wanted to ask the questions he shouldn’t ask. Are you interested? Do you want to take a chance with me? But he didn’t.

Inside his condo, he stopped in the middle of the room, assessing his options.

“Where do you want to sit?” Gar’s gaze searched around and came back to rest on him.

Brian felt the burn of Gar’s attention all the way to his balls. Not knowing what he was doing, he headed for the desk and lowered himself into an office chair. “I’m tired of the couch. It’s awkward and I’m sick of being on it.”

“All right.” Gar took an extra chair and rolled it over to sit beside him. “This is fine with me. You got any porn?”

Ah porn. The great gay icebreaker. “Hell yes.”

“Let’s see it.”

He woke the computer and blushed at the screensaver. The tied-up blond man dangled in the middle of the screen. He’d forgotten all about it.

“Hey, what’s that?”

Brian felt the warmth of his blush rise from the base of his neck to his chin. “It’s um, what got me all me turned on, made me go to the club.”

Gar zeroed in on the photo, leaning over him to take a good look. “That’s what turns you on, eh? Is it a photo or a video?”

“It’s a video.” Swallowing embarrassment, he flicked open his video stash and brought up the file. “Did you want to see it?”

“Fuck yes.” Gar’s eyes were shining bright, and damn, was that a smile on his face?

Brian’s heart rate increased as he waited for the video to load. Jesus, Gar was turning him on and they hadn’t even gotten to the movie.

The second it came on Gar’s focus was glued to the screen. With Gar’s huge form next to him and the man’s moans of pleasure echoing out of his speakers, Brian grew harder and wetter every passing second. When Gar whipped his attention from the screen to him, Brian’s cock leaked with desire.

“You like that, huh? Want to be tied up like that and fucked?”

“Yes.” Brian’s voice came out more a moan than he’d meant it to, helped along by the fact Gar’s fingers were tracing up his thigh heading for Brian’s zipper.


Stay tuned for more of Dom of Destruction soon!



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