Come to me, Yeti #mysexysaturday #shifter romance

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In true all-over-the-boards fashion, I’ve gone from M/M science fiction erotica to M/F shifter lovin’ with my next piece. The story I’m working on for the Silken Sheets & Seduction anthology is almost complete. It’s bigger, better and longer than I’d originally intended, but bigger is usually better, right? *grins*

So I thought I’d bring you a little taste of the Yeti and let you in on a little secret – Yeti cocks are different. They’re longer, perfectly straight, and they’re ribbed. Yes, ribbed. It’s quite a surprise for our heroine, Kaylee to find out:

“Oh. My. God.” Kaylee had lain still for several minutes after the cabin’s door shut, in case Mr. Sexy Bigfoot’s plans included a quick return. But he hadn’t come back. Finally she opened her eyes and blew out a stuttered breath. More thrilled than scared, her body aroused from his touch, she ached to have him back again, even if she had to fake sleep. Faking is exactly what she’d done. No one had ever been able to hypnotize her. She wasn’t susceptible to suggestion, and though the Yeti had tried some weird magic on her, apparently singing couldn’t alter her conscious state either. She’d been awake the whole time he’d laid in bed with her.

Every luscious moment.

She clenched her already damp pussy and wriggled her sore limbs in delight. The cock pressing into her leg had been longer than a human’s, hard as a baton and ribbed! It had been all she could do not to whimper as she caressed it, imagining how the Yeti’s cock would feel as it stretched her fully, sating her every desire. Nobody had warned her Yetis could be so sexy, that their hair would be so long and silky she’d want to run her hands through it, that one touch of his cock would make her wet. My God.

She sat up, excitement over her discovery rushing through her. The Yeti were real. Very real.  But without proof to show the world no one would believe her. Tossing a quick glance out the door, she flung her feet over the edge of the bed and sat up. Bad mistake.

Head swirling, she half-fainted back down on the covers. Holy hell, her head was a mixed-up fright of numbness and pain. Must be the shock of the avalanche. Kaylee blinked her eyes, willing the spinning room to hold still for just a few seconds. When she could focus about four feet ahead of her, she slid her feet to the floor. Holding onto the bed, she slowly raised up. When she didn’t immediately topple over, she went to item two on the agenda. “Camera, I need my camera.”


See what happens to Kaylee and Pete/Roshan in The Yeti Hunter, coming soon in ebook form from the ladies at Silken Sheets! Until then, let’s consider the benefits of ribbed versus non-ribbed, shall we?



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