#MySexySaturday another #sexy excerpt from Seducing Kayn #GLBT #scifi cover by @melodygraphics

Today is Saturday and I’m bringing you an excerpt a day early. I couldn’t wait until Sunday! Here it is:


Seducing Kayn OTHER SITES“He was the wrong man for you.” The deep masculine tone of Tyre’s voice rippled through me like a wave. He stood right behind me, the heat of his strong muscular body radiating into mine. “I heard he was a lousy lover as well.” Tyre punctuated his statement by trailing a finger from my ribcage down to the curve above my hip.

My first instinct was to jerk away from the touch. But Tyre was ready for my reaction. His finger held me firmly in place.

I’d just gotten used to the contact when his other hand put gentle pressure on my chin, turning my face to meet his. “He wasn’t good enough for you, Kayn. But I am.”

Heat shot through me, leaving guilt in its wake. Tyre was a big, powerful man, commander of this vessel. I was merely a cog in the wheel, and I’d just lost my bid to save my lover. I was technically available. But with the vid of Rhace’s betrayal replaying in my head, now was hardly the time to think about sex.

The commander licked his plump bottom lip and hot, lurid images of Tyre’s mouth on mine slammed through my brain. He half-grinned as though he knew my thoughts exactly. “Come. I want to share something with you.”

He stepped away and plucked a small blue vial from a drawer. I stood there dumbly while he pressed a finger to my lips and said, “Open.”

Doing as told, I watched as he bit the end off the vial and poured silvery crystalline pleasure enhancer on my tongue. My eyes widened. The stuff – nicknamed dust – was expensive, and rare. It enhanced male orgasm length and intensity, even allowing for continuous multiples. The fact Tyre had it at his disposal didn’t shock me, but it gave me new respect for the man’s power. My body warmed in my clothes the instant it began to dissolve, my temperature quickly rising to uncomfortable. I raised my hands to my collar but his were already there.

Tyre chuckled as he unbuttoned my shirt and opened it, exposing nipples which hardened in the cool ship air. Then he undid my buckles and shoved my pants to the floor. Next came the VR goggles. A pair for each of us. The instant they snapped on, we were both in our own fantasies and yet physically with each other. A heady mix, enhanced further by the drug.

My cock hardened to a throbbing length and leaked out the slit as an image of Tyre fucking me filled the goggles. Denying my desire would have made me a liar. The time for waffling, for hesitating over guilt had passed. I couldn’t have summoned a protest if I’d wanted to, the drug was making me so horny. When Tyre cupped my bare ass and squeezed, the pressure of his fingers alone made my channel spasm with need. I spread my legs as far as the uniform tangled around my feet would allow, silently submitting.

“Yes. Fuck yes.” Tyre’s tongue elongated, hanging out of his mouth like a long, hard cock. He laid it against mine, right over the line of dust, and licked.

I moaned and grabbed his shoulders, holding on as a wave of pleasure made me swoon. Tyre ate my mouth in long, heavy strokes, each lick and suck of his tongue pushing me toward the edge so fast I couldn’t even breathe. I opened my lips wider and he invaded the space. All of it. He owned it, grabbing the back of my head and holding me still as his rough hand fondled my ass, rubbing our cocks together. My pants and groans grew louder as the dust pounded through me, skyrocketing my heart rate. I could feel his too, pulsing under his neck, and the throaty groans he issued in return fed my desire. My ass ached to have Tyre’s solid length in me.

The ship’s computer must have sensed our state of arousal. The disposal arms automatically snaked down from the ceiling, three of them. One latched onto Tyre’s shaft and one onto mine, ready to milk our ejaculates away in keeping with ship safety protocols. The damn things were worse than uptight nineteenth century chaperones.


4 thoughts on “#MySexySaturday another #sexy excerpt from Seducing Kayn #GLBT #scifi cover by @melodygraphics

  1. hee hee! It will be formatted tomorrow but then it will likely take a back seat for a few as I have a new M/F release on Monday with Decadent Publishing. P.S. I heard ALL of Decadent’s new releases will be .99 for the first two weeks. Something new they’re trying and it totally benefits the reader! Yay!

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