Six Sentence Sunday: Seducing Kayn with cover by @MelodyGraphics #MM #scifi #erotica

Last week, I brought you a sample of Battle for Kayn, my current M/M work in progress. This week, I’ve finished the story and re-named it Seducing Kayn. I also have a fabulous new cover to show you, courtesy of Melody Simmons at

Seducing Kayn OTHER SITES

Do those boys look like they might be capable of some hot lovn’? I sure think so. But here’s the rub (hee hee, I said rub!), the ship won’t allow them to actually have sex. Oh no. Not ever. All bodily fluids must exit the ship through the disposal tubes only. Getting around them is difficult and illegal. But do you think that will stop these two? Take a look:


“Oh fuck, I’ve never seen anything so hot.” I fell to my knees and pressed my mouth to his stretched-taut sac, running my tongue over it from side to side before sucking one of the balls into my mouth.

Several things happened at once. Tyre groaned and gripped the back of my head. A new arm descended from the ceiling, intent on doing its job. Without a second’s thought I batted it away with my hand and continued lavishing attention on Tyre’s sore balls. It withdrew, but hovered nearby. Waiting.

“Kayn … we can’t do this.” Tyre’s whispered plea pulsed heat and heady determination right through me. My cock leaked at the underlying need in his tone. More than anything I wanted to own this man’s orgasm, push him to the edge and know it was me who did it, not his imagination, not a vid, but my mouth, my saliva, my tongue.

I licked his balls some more, keeping an eye on the hovering gadget. The second I touched his dick it would latch on, protecting us all from certain destruction by ejaculated fluids. But I had other plans. “Tyre.” I muttered, my mouth pressed into his sac. “Keep an eye on that thing.”

His eyes opened wide. Disbelief, duty and desire flashed through them, in that order.

“I’m going to suck you. I have to. Get ready.”

He did. I dove for his cock, wrapping my lips around it. The arm swung down, buzzing loudly against my ear. I was a little concerned it would tear off a piece of my flesh but I didn’t want to stop. I’d never done such a risky thing before. It was totally against the rules. I could be kicked off the ship for doing this. My career ruined. But I’d never wanted anything more in my life. The drug, the whispering echoes of the two most intense orgasms of my life, seeing Tyre’s sac treated so mercilessly, defining his command style to the tee, all were to blame. Not that it mattered. If I weren’t high on dust I would have wanted to suck him anyway. Don’t see how I could possibly have stopped myself.

– – – – – – Stay tuned for the release date for Seducing Kayn and let me know if you love the cover in the comments!  – – – – – – – –

Thanks for reading!



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