#MeetandGreetMonday with Eva LeFoy #Futuristic #Sci-Fi #Romance @Eva_Lefoy

Find out more about me here, such as, do I have a bucket list? Heh.

Kacey's Kreations

Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Eva Lefoy.

Welcome, Eva!

Thanks for having me here!
Describe a typical day in the life of Eva Lefoy.
Oh it’s much less exciting than you might think. M-F I word 8-5 so I get up and head to the office. I am a commercial insurance account manager and some days that’s boring, other days, it’s exciting in the all the wrong ways. I write at home after dinner. Sometimes it’s hard to make myself go to bed on time!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
I’m a lifelong resident of Washington state although if I could I’d probably move to Europe. Norway maybe, Greece, France, to name a few places. In the meantime I hang out with my hubby gardener and…

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