Six Sentence Sunday #MM #scifi #erotica

I love my boys. I really do. They’re awfully fun to play with. And sometimes, they just arrive in my brain out of nowhere. Like him:



I think he’s a pretty good fit for the commander of a space vessel. True, his jeans sink a little low but his eyes have a slightly vulnerable, slightly dangerous look about them. I think he just might be the right type…

For my Six Sentence Sunday, I’m bringing you a piece of the work in progress called Battle for Kayn. In this scene, the commander is using a drug called dust to enhance their sexual experience as he seduces Kayn to his bed.


Thron chuckled as he unbuttoned my shirt and opened it, exposing my already hardening nipples. Then he undid my buckles and shoved my pants to the floor. Next came the VR goggles. A pair for each of us. The instant they snapped on, we were both in our own fantasies and yet physically with each other. A heady mix, enhanced further by the drug.

My cock hardened to a throbbing length and leaked out the slit as an image of Thron fucking me filled the goggles. Denying my desire would have made me a liar. The time for waffling, for hesitating over guilt had passed. I couldn’t have summoned a protest if I’d wanted to, the drug was making me so horny. When Thron cupped my bare ass and squeezed, the pressure of his fingers alone made my channel spasm with need. I spread my legs as far as the uniform tangled around my feet would allow, silently submitting.

“Yes. Fuck yes.” Thron’s tongue elongated, hanging out of his mouth like a thick cock. He laid it against mine, right over the line of dust, and licked.

– – – – – – Stay tuned for more on the story Battle For Kayn – – – – – – – –

Thanks for reading!



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