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 It’s the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia! http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/

Today we take a moment to remember that sexual orientation comes in all shapes, preferences and sizes. Love is love no matter who’s feeling it and LGBTQ characters are no exception. We root for them to obtain their happiness just as hard or perhaps harder than straight characters because we can relate to them better, IMO. We want the underdogs to win.
NGBT Small Ebook CoverSo far in my writing career I’ve written a lesbian stripper, a gay male prostitute,. gay military guys, and kinky gay guys. I’ve managed to work in a trans character for the last book in the series. He’s loosely based on Angel Xtravaganza from the movie Paris Is Burning. He was a trans man who died too young. Well in my work, he gets his sex change and his HEA.
See what I mean? We root hard for them even when it’s more work to write a LGBTQ character than a straight white male who’s not a vampire or a wolf, because I think the payoff is bigger and after the AIDs crisis and the bullying and the lack of marriage rights and the hate, I think they’re all entitled to an HEA. Don’t you?
Yeah, I was thinking you might agree!
My donation to this blog hop is an ebook copy of Lover Enslaved, my Decadent Publishing 1 Night Stand story set in Mumbai, India. Here is more about it:
LoverEnslaved300Stranded for twenty-four hours in Mumbai, India, contract negotiator, Thomas Barkley searches for a man who can make him forget his pain. When a trip through the red light district leaves him cold, he turns to Madame Eve’s service and finds a shot at redemption—but first, he has to survive it. 

Indian male prostitute, Arjun Mukesh, begged Madame Eve to set him up for one night of real pleasure. He knows better than to expect anything but a brief hiatus from his miserable life. When Thomas showers Arjun with tender and very real affection, his heart begins to ache for more than a taste of the life he cannot have. Unfortunately, his boss Ranjeet won’t to let him go without a fight. 

Amidst a spray of bullets, Thomas must convince Arjun to take a chance on a new life in America before it’s too late for both of them. 
To learn more and visit the sites of other participating authors, go here: http://www.simply-linked.com/listwidget.aspx?l=8E3F4D7D-C90E-47C2-9D5D-F6B04CBC8377

18 thoughts on “#gay #trans #bisexual #queer International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia @decadentpub #giveaway #HAHAT

  1. This is very moving for me. Just lost my sister who was a lesbian. I miss her so much. She and her partner were not allowed to get married in our state which broke my heart. Love is love, that’s it plain and simple. No matter what people said to her about being with someone of the same sex she proudly held her head up. She was a great inspiration to all of us. This is a wonderful blog post and hop ❤

  2. Love your post. I adore writing and reading about LGBTQ characters because of the challenges they face and how they tend to put it all one the line for love. alexisduran1177(at)gmail(dot)com.

  3. I think it’s the sharing of stories and experiences that makes this hop so great every year…getting to know each other as real people is what will wipe out homophobia in the end!


  4. I think you’re right, they do deserve HEA endings. Thank you for sharing and being part of this wonderful blog hop. Love is love.


  5. Lover Enslaved sounds like a great read. This part of the book blurb is really touching ” his heart begins to ache for more than a taste of the life he cannot have.” By the way, are you from India or have Indian association? If so, I am too. You may contact me through my email if you wish to have a conversation to another Indian writer.

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  7. Wow! That’s quite a variety of characters. What came first, the characters or the stories themselves?

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    Have a great weekend!

    skeeterlee63 @ gmail.com

  8. ladies and gentlemen, the Random.org generator has spoken. Alexis Duran and Kinky Vanilla Room are my two winners. I will be contacting you shortly to confirm your file format. Thanks to everyone for participating in the HAHAT and remember that love is for everyone.

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