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signed HIS HAVEN paperback by Harper A. Brooks,

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1. a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.

2. a male friend.

3. a male lover.


Welcome to the My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop! I can’t wait to see what the other authors come up with for their current Book Boyfriend (or, BB!). I myself of course feel the pull to talk about Fitzwilliam Darcy or some other swoony man that everyone already knows and can relate to, but in this case, I’m going to go with my current work-in-progress (or, WIP!).


Here’s the deal – he’s a Yeti.


Well, he’s a shifter Yeti. The Yeti are mythical people of the snowy Himalayas or in the U.S. we refer to him as the Abominable Snowman. My hero can shift into human form or into Yeti form. In Yeti form he is awfully tall with long white yak-like hair, HUGE feet, nearly endless arms and a sharp set of teeth! In human form, he looks something like this:

Fashion male

Mr. Sexy Yeti! Would you like him to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night? Hmmm?

Is it just the tanned pectorals against the snowy background that just make you want to melt? Or is it the dark eyes and the facial hair? Or the idea of rubbing against all that soft fur that makes him so yummy?


Help! I can’t decide!


Anyway, he’s my current book boyfriend and I’m working on making him really really yummeh. Any suggestions of how you would like him described? For a BB must be swoon-worthy to earn that title, don’t you think?


What traits do you like most in a BB?


Comment below with your most favored BB traits and I will enter you in my contest for an ebook copy of Sweet Cravings!


Be sure to visit other participating author sites at:


19 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend is a Yeti! Blog Hop #prizes #giveaways

  1. I love the idea of a Yeti shifter… it’s unique and extremely yummy if we go by the photo you’ve included. Really nice. Thanks for joining our blog hop.

  2. Yeti shifter… sounds fantastic. Well, he’d have to be strong. But also intelligent. All good BBF’s have to be smart, right? And confident. And warm to snuggle up to 😉

  3. A shifter Yeti sounds uber-sexy! I love this idea. I love my alpha male to be tall, dark and sexy. His eyes should be deeply penetrating (color doesn’t matter, as long as they have those thick, dark lashes and he’s able to use the eyes to great advantage). I prefer men with a darker, tan, or olive tone skin color, and with darker hair color. Blonde men just don’t doe it for me, usually, though there are exceptions to every rule. I can’t wait to read your book. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com.

  4. He is so hot in that picture I am pretty sure he could keep me warm all night long 😉

    As far as the Yeti part of him goes, how about the ability to control the snow somewhat so he can see and rescue people? Make him a “good monster”…

  5. A Yeti! Doesn’t get more unique a shifter than that! And when you look at him—*drools* I’d climb Everest and risk frostbite for some of that!

    Thanks for hopping with us, Eva!


  6. ooh sounds interesting, since he is a yeti he needs to be big, muscular strong and yummy, even hairy long hair, maybe sad eyes.. I like a broken redeemable man too so perhaps he has a bad past? even kiled? I cant wait to see what you come up with

  7. Thank you to all for your BB suggestions. I am working on incorporating them into my Yeti shifter. By the time I’m done he should be quite the guy! picked #8 so Michelle Willms is my winner. I’ll email you shortly.

    Thanks again to everyone for stopping by it was a pleasure to have you visit me!

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