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My newest release, Partners, is a case of art imitating life. Sort of. The novella is my first published collaboration with fellow author VJ Summers.  I say first because there is definitely more to come. The book Partners is the first of a series chronicling the partnership of two men. Written by two women. Which isn’t all that surprising since the majority of gay romance it written, and read by, women.


I’m not brave enough to enter the debate on why that is. I am, however, completely willing to talk about why I decided to write something with someone else.  It’s simple really. After almost a year of writing only short stories because I was hopped up on pain meds for different health issues I needed to get myself back in the habit of writing and writing long again. The idea of a collaboration seemed perfect for my purposes.


With a collaboration I had someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to take on half the author chores. I didn’t have to do everything myself. And if I faltered, I wasn’t alone. It seemed like a win-win situation. And I was right.


Now I have a new release of 46,000 words. Much longer than anything else I’d written in over a year. I felt like I was back. And the story bursting to come out of me was one it would take several books to tell. Having another author along for this journey into a dystopian world was just what I needed. And working with VJ turned out to be far more easy than I could have imagined.


First she offered to take on the submissive hero, who honestly isn’t submissive except for sex. Next, she turned out to be amazing at the brainstorming thing. We fit together like Yin and Yang when it came to writing Partners.  The working together thing came waaaaay too easily! We didn’t even have to work at it. It just happened. When it came to the book, it didn’t write itself but there was no shortage of ideas for it.


Partners the book focuses on two men who have heard about each other for years but never met. When they do meet it’s not under the best of circumstances. And when they are forced to be partners for work they are both resentful. But something grows between them with each day of living and  training together. And they are united in their dislike of having to visit the agency shrink.


Travis and Ian’s relationship grows in small incremental ways in the story and as it did so did my and VJ’s love for them. We can’t not tell their story now even if it takes more than two or three books. The tagline of two broken men traveling a dangerous road to love and trust just fills me with the urge to give readers more of their journey.


Partners ends on a HFN but with an obvious promise of so much more. Just like my new collaboration. I’m very much enjoying the writing process with VJ. Author Kate Douglas read the book and told me, “I can’t tell who wrote what. You two did a great job blending your work.” That was the greatest compliment I could’ve received. I felt like we had truly done the best job we could of bringing two author voices together.


Reviews have been good thus far and I hope readers come to love Travis and Ian as much as VJ and I do! Win-win partnerships all around!


Many thanks to Eva for hosting me today!








TDA agents Travis Wilder and Ian Hawke are fuck ups. As members of a covert organization that battles terrorism in a world that’s lost its political, economic and social infrastructure, their job is to find and neutralize dangerous terrorists. But neither Travis nor Ian have been able to complete a mission successfully in recent months. Travis kills his targets while Ian beds his. In an effort to save his two best agents, their handler makes them partners. 

Ian, with his upper-crust British accent and flirty behavior is everything that attracts Travis and repels him at the same time. For Ian, the taciturn, domineering former Force Recon officer represents a temptation he knows better than to succumb to. But working and living together builds a unique bond between the two. As sexual tension spirals higher between them, as their secrets and kinks are revealed, their need for each other becomes undeniable. They’re two broken men forced into a partnership neither of them wants…a partnership guaranteed to be their salvation or their destruction.


Warm lips caressed the side of his throat, nipping lightly at his skin in just the way he liked. Travis moaned softly and his lover chuckled, the sound deep and soft and wicked. Hot skin, silky and rough at the same time slid over his naked body. The other man rubbed himself all over Travis, his movements sinuous. Travis couldn’t remember any man turning him on this much.

Another low laugh filled his ears just before warm lips touched the tip of his cock. Travis thrust his hips upward, demanding more. A whimper escaped the other man as his mouth slid down, down until Travis’ cock head lodged in the tight groove of his throat. He swallowed and followed it up with a swirl of his tongue around Travis’ hard shaft. Fireworks began to go off behind Travis’ eyelids as the best blow job in memory teased his orgasm closer.

Long, hard fingers cupped his ever-tightening balls and one slipped back to stroke his puckered hole. Travis spread his legs wider. The other man’s touch made him wild with lust. He wanted to fuck and be fucked. He wanted him so damned much that all the Dominance and submission in the world didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he needed the man between his legs more than he needed to breathe.

The lips slid upward and his cock popped free of his lover’s mouth. That hard muscled body he loved so much covered his, their cocks pressing together urgently as the smaller man writhed atop Travis’ larger frame. Their mouths met in a deep kiss…so deep…so hot. Travis wrapped his arms around the other man, holding him tight, holding him close. His orgasm rushed closer and heat wrapped around him.

Arching upward, holding his lover in a grip so tight he knew he’d leave bruises, Travis came with a roar, muffled by urgent lips and tongues. Hot semen splashed between their bodies and when the other man jerked in his arms, Travis knew the hot seed wasn’t just his own.

Hearts racing, bodies still straining together, Travis nuzzled his lover, whispering in his ear.

“Ian…oh, God…Ian…”

With a shocked gasp, Travis shot up in bed, his heart racing. The air smelled of sex and the heated warmth of cum lay sticky across his abs and chest. He covered his face with his hands and shuddered with the aftermath of his orgasm, both the dream and the real one.

He struggled to hold back tears of frustration. He had a mission today and already he’d gotten off to a bad start. Having dreams about Ian, mostly wet dreams, had become normal over the short time they’d been living together, but they still shook Travis to the core. He’d never in his life had such vivid, erotic dreams. Not even of the men he’d been sleeping with.

Of course, Bowden had somehow dug that information out of him and had been smirking about it ever since. His solution? Get laid, preferably with Ian. Travis didn’t know exactly what the fuck was going on with Harris, Bowden and Roven but all three of them seemed determined to throw Ian at him. They seemed to want him to fuck his new partner. Bowden in particular had shifted from his usual “You need to get laid” theme to a “you need to fuck Ian” theme.

And by God, did Travis want to. Especially after what had happened the night before with the dancing. Travis couldn’t forget the feel of Ian in his arms. He also couldn’t forget that the runaway train of their attraction had been stopped cold by the need to meet with Harris about today’s spur of the moment assignment. With the specter of losing their operative status hanging over their heads along with the assignment, neither of them had been in the mood to pick up where they’d left off when they’d returned to the apartment. Silently, they’d each gone to their rooms to sleep and mentally prepare for what could be their last mission.

Travis got up and opened his door. Silence met his ears so he grabbed a pair of boxer briefs and headed naked to the shower while Ian still slept. He scrubbed himself so hard his skin turned red. He needed to get the feel of Ian rubbing all over him off his skin. Despite knowing that it was only a dream, he still felt the other man’s touch.

After his shower he skipped his usual shave and darted out of the bathroom, headed for his room. Ian’s door opened as he reached his own room.

“Done with the shower?” his partner asked with a yawn. He wandered into the hallway in a low slung pair of nearly transparent white pajama pants.

Travis’ gaze darted to the crotch. He could see the shadowy outline of Ian’s morning wood pressing up against his belly and tenting the thin material covering it. So hard, so beautiful, he thought and then jerked back, appalled at his wayward thoughts.

“Yes,” he answered tersely and turned his back on Ian. “I’ll make coffee while you shower. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”

He shut his door with a loud click and leaned back against the wood. Behind his closed eyelids he imagined Ian sticking his thumbs in the waistband of those pajamas and pulling the elastic out. He let go and the material drifted down, leaving Ian naked before Travis’ avid gaze. A low moan escaped Travis as the Ian in his head moved closer, his scent driving Travis mindless with need.

Through sheer force of will, Travis opened his eyes, dispelling the daydream. He pressed the heel of his hand to his erection, willing it down. It wouldn’t be the first time and, with Ian around, would doubtless be the last time he had to function with an ache in his balls he had no way of assuaging. Celibacy had always been easy for him. Fear of losing control, of being hurt, had kept him from becoming involved with anyone including casual hookups, something he’d always been bad at. His job and natural reticence had done the rest. It had been a long time since he’d actually been with another man. He should probably keep it that way.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Partners-Shadows-Kink-VJ-Summers-ebook/dp/B00JS2N5C6/

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-partners-1481878-153.html 



9 thoughts on “Danger & excitement as only 2 sexy men can bring it #newrelease #MM @lexvalentine @VJsSmut

  1. I could not have asked for a more perfect Partner for writing Partners! Can’t WAIT to tackle Book 2, Masks. Our poor boys are gonna get stripped bare in more than the happy sexy way!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to hear that you had such an easy time writing together! Can’t wait to read thus one and other othets when they come out as well!

  3. Mr Noisy (my cat who likes crumpled sticky notes) picked a random commenter and Shorty Chelle wins an audiobook or ebook from my backlist! Send me an email at lex at lex valentine dot com and we’ll get you a prize!

    Thanks again for having me Eva!

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