Would you like a #spanking with that? Get your weekend #kink on #GLBT style

Sex_Ties_Videotapes_FinalIn my F/F work I have not yet written any kink. I do have a character that is a stripper, but Contessa and Alyce don’t veer into that territory. They will soon have a third partner, though! Hopefully by the end of the year 🙂

In my M/M work I tend to be a bit riskier. In Breaching the Lieutenant, there’s sex with objects, bareback sex, and reluctant “I’m not really gay” first time sex. I really loved writing Oates and Evans and think they work well as a stand-alone story. Maybe someday I’ll take another shot with them. If I do, it will probably be kinky!

Sex, Ties and Videotape is currently my most kinky book. Until book II comes out on May 23rd anyway… and I think kink and two hot men go well together, don’t you? Here’s an excerpt to help you decide:

– – – – –

“Tell me,” Paul breathed in his mouth, “what do you want me to do?”

“T-tie me up. Bend me over and shove your cock into me so hard I scream. P-please. I need it.”

A wave of dizziness swept through Paul. Geoffrey’s request had him swooning, and they weren’t even in the bedroom yet. He’d had absolutely no idea Geoffrey wanted to be dominated so badly, and the idea fucking turned him on. Cock throbbing, he nevertheless pushed Geoff away slightly. “If that’s what you want, I’ll do it, but we will have a safe word.”

Geoffrey quivered in his arms. Whether from anticipation, or fear because things had gone so horribly wrong the last time he’d asked for what he needed, Paul couldn’t say. This will time will be different. You’re with me, Geoffrey.

“Ice cream. That’s our word,” Geoff blurted out. “Will you please fuck me now?” He leaned in close, pressing their bodies together again, and the armful of warm naked skin made Paul’s head reel once more. Geoffrey’s neediness made his dick ache. I’ve been seduced, I’ve been fucked, but I’ve never been wanted like this.

“Yes.” He took Geoffrey by the hand and hurried toward the bedroom. Once inside, he stripped, and Geoffrey did, too. Naked, Geoffrey got on all fours on the bed, looking expectantly behind him, his gaze pleading. God, had Geoffrey always been like this, or was this submissive streak new and something Brian hadn’t been able to properly handle? Hell, who knows? I’ll ask him later.

After sheathing his rod, Paul grabbed the lube and hopped onto the bed. Positioned behind Geoffrey, he popped open the lid on the lube.

“No fingers. Just your cock. Hurry.”

Oh this could have its advantages. Scenarios involving teasing an eager Geoffrey to the point of rapture and then slowly driving him over the edge raced through Paul’s mind, but he pushed them aside. Next time. Dick in hand, he paused at Geoffrey’s entrance. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes. Fuck, yes. Do it hard.”

Oh God. He drove into Geoffrey’s waiting ass, plunging deep. Surrounded by the tight enveloping channel, Paul wondered if he’d lose his head and come immediately. To better draw it out for Geoffrey, he wanted to go slowly, but that wasn’t what Geoffrey had requested.

“Can you tie me up, just a little?”

“No, but I can hold your hands.”

Geoffrey seemed relieved at his suggestion, maybe as turned on as Paul was by the idea. “Okay.”

“Okay, here it comes. But you let me know at the first sign of trouble, understood?”

He pushed gently on the back of Geoff’s head, and he sank onto the mattress, knees wide. Paul drew in a deep breath as he watched him, wanting him, knowing he had earned a little of Geoffrey’s trust. In his eagerness, Geoff reached his arms back so his hands rested on his ass. Paul sucked in a breath and found Geoffrey was open, totally open to the experience. Grasping Geoffrey’s hands with one of his and his hip with other, Paul thrust, his cock going in and down.

“Oh God, yes. Please. Harder. Fuck me harder.”

– – – – –

Sex, Ties and Videotape is available from:


MLR Press http://bit.ly/1jMmD6W

All Romance Ebooks http://bit.ly/1eKmEQt

Amazon http://amzn.to/1fnEbz1

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1fnEaen



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