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Welcome Earthlings!

Today I’m bringing you a snippet from Tentacles, an anthology of scifi stories published with Haley Whitehall and D. R. Larsson. This is from the story called Zaural which was probably inspired by watching too many TNG away missions!

*  *  *

Tentacles eBook 72 dpi WebsiteSeveral minutes passed. Her legs ached. The cold water washing over her boots seeped in through the eyelets and chilled her toes. The first signs of a migraine danced behind her eyes. With a sigh she stood and stared at the dark horizon. “How in the hell do you talk to these creatures?” Kas’s voice inches behind her made her jump.

“There’s only one way,” he said. “Strip.”

If her eyebrows could have risen higher, they would have hit the sky. “Excuse me?”

“You want to talk to them?”

She nodded.

“The only way they communicate is through touching.” His finger slid down her shoulder – a move reminiscent of long ago that left a slow burn of sensual memories behind – and she repressed the urge to flinch. “Skin to tentacle touching.”

Her mouth fell open. “But … you mean …”

“Yes, they’ll sting you.” He said it matter-of-factly, as though it made perfect sense.

She pushed at his chest, shoving him back on his heels. “You want me to strip, go down there, and take a swim with the creatures that just killed a colonist? Are you fucking nuts?”

Kasan shook his head. “It’s the only way.”

“And I suppose you’ve done it.”

“Not recently. But, yes. Of course. We all have. You’ll have to trust them if you want the information. You have no choice.”

Zaural bit her lip as she turned away to gaze at the creatures once more.

“What’s the matter?” Kasan’s hushed voice coiled around her neck like a snake. “You scared of some rebel terrorist sea creature?”

*  *  *

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