Blurbage: Round 1 #shifter #WIP #wolves with #sexy #excerpt and more #beta males!

Grimm couple smaller

Nik and Caroline bring the werewolf yumminess!

Blurbage: Round 1

Nik Epperstein’s frustrations start with his pack’s alpha who, two years ago, lost his mate and took a witch as his new one. Ever since then, Eli’s leadership has become more violent, bordering on insane. Especially regarding his daughter Caroline, Nik’s intended mate. When Eli beats Nik and kicks him out of the pack forever, he swears to protect Caroline, even it means his death. He doesn’t count on a foul-mouthed witch and an overly dramatic dwarf coming to his aid, nor the mysterious Blue Light.


Caroline has tried every trick in the book to lure Nik into her bed and can’t understand his hesitation.  After all, she can sense their mating bond loud and clear. Then Nik disappears. Sure her father’s evil new mate is to blame, she confronts him only to be handed her own death sentence. Being saved by a dwarf she surely didn’t see coming. But bringing her closer to Nik gives her one more chance to ignite their bond and this time, there’s no one to interfere…

 Sexy Excerpt: (Unedited! In all its first draft suckiness!)

Pulling her behind him, he all but ran to the tree house. Once inside, he slammed the door closed and plastered himself against her. With the door at her back, he had her trapped or did she have him? Her smell intoxicated his senses, shutting off his thoughts and his words. Inside, his wolf howled, impatient to claim her. So was he.

He grabbed the end of her white tank top and pulled it up. Halfway there, he paused. Caroline wasn’t wearing a bra. Two perfect globes with budding nipples were naked before him, ripe for the taking. Forgetting about the shirt, he bent his head and sucked one pert nipple into his mouth. It tasted so good he wanted to keep it there, but forced himself to pull back and give it a lick. Then, using his teeth ever so gently, he gave her firm mound a tiny bite. Marking this one small part of her made his hunger to claim her swell. His dick, already hard, strained at his zipper and began to leak. Half lost to the mating haze, he slid his mouth to her other breast and nibbled there, too, before sinking to his knees on the hard wood floor. His fingers curled around the waistband of her jeans.

Caroline shivered at his touch. The perfume of her arousal permeated his nose, hitting him hard as a ton of bricks. Greedy for a taste, he ripped open her jeans and dragged them and her panties down to her thighs. He thrust his head forward, right toward her mound. His tongue, firm as an arrow, slid between her lips to land right on her clit. He moaned at the first taste of her.

Her legs shook as she let out a keening cry. Caroline shoved her hips forward, pressing her mound harder against his mouth.

Oh yes, he wanted to say, but refused to take the time. This was his woman, his mate. He would pleasure her the way she deserved until he’d made up for the last two years. There would be time for talking later. Intent on making her come, he grabbed her hips and held them steady while he ravaged her tender flesh. Listening to each of her moans was both sheer torture and heady delight. He kept up an unrelenting pace with his tongue until Caroline tossed her head back and screamed.

Her juices spilled over his tongue, full of her flavor, proof of her desire. Elated, he made her come three times, one right after the other. When she sagged replete, he let go of her hips and caught her as she sank toward the floor. Unable to control his lust a second longer, he swung her over his shoulder and took her to the bed.

The rest of the Blurbage:

But time runs short, even in hidden magic strongholds. Soon they’re under attack, and the two couples must band together to fight the evil contaminating Fairwood Forest. But only one pair will survive the battle. The other will be forever changed by the Blue Light.

And now, back to your non-shifter programming.



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