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Welcome Earthlings!

It’s time once again for the SFR Brigade Presents and for science fiction romance writers to bring you a snippet. Today, I bring you a short offering from The Trouble With Memories.

If you haven’t read this one yet, you’ll be very surprised by the ending!

*  *  *

TheTroubleWithMemories300“Cal!” Against her better judgment—the whole day had gone to fragg anyway so what the hell–she broke position and crawled over to him. “Don’t let them do this. Fight it, or we’re both going to die!”

Dark blood trickled from his ears and onto the dull blue carpet. His pupils rolled back in his head, his face contorted into a grimace. He seemed to be fading fast. Whatever Dr. Dravis had up his sleeve, his evil plan would surely take him away from her again.

Fragg, she’d had more than enough of losing him. No. I won’t let you take him away from me.

Her gaze searched the ceiling panels and located the speakers. She fired, taking out six of them. By the time she was done, the lasers had stopped, and thudding on the door turned to cracking sounds as the remaining metal creased and bunched. In a few more seconds they’d gain entry.

She fired at the crack in the door, offering the intruders some discouragement. “Cal, can you hear me?” She risked a glance over her shoulder and the sight shocked her.

Cal roared as he rose, the muscles in his neck and chest bulging. His eyes focused and whoa—fragging pissed off. Cal always had remarkable control. He never showed a crack in the armor. Duty didn’t faze him. He made tough calls with ease. But she’d never, ever, seen him angry. His surge of emotion thrilled her. It meant Cal was back, alive, and fully in the game. The game of keeping them alive.

ttwm couple smaller

*  *  *

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