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Here’s more about the story and a hawt excerpt for your weekend reading:

Second Lieutenant Mark Oates has a lot to learn, both about the U.S. Army and about himself. When a senior officer confronts Oates about his latent homosexual tendencies, he’s backed into a corner and only one man can help him out. Trouble is, can he trust him not to ruin his career plans?

Gunnar Evans was dishonorably discharged from the Army during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for his openly gay sexuality. He fought the system and lost, but continues to help the young officers sent to his door discover their hidden desires. When gorgeous hunk Lt. Oates arrives, he knows he must breach the lieutenant’s defenses in order to show him the pleasure he deserves. But once he gains access, he may never want to let him go.

Includes: Gay first time reluctant, risky sex

Breaching Luetenint 3.5.4-2Excerpt:

“Don’t. Want. Anyone. Else.” Oates punctuated each word with a thrust of his hips, driving deeper and deeper into Evans’ ass.

Choked up, Evans held tight to the cushions and savored the burn. Knowing the man inside him was his alone had him desperate to touch him, but his cock had other ideas. Hanging like a lead weight between his thighs, it swung back and forth with Oates’ thrusts, slapping his belly. The sensation made him groan and the groan made his balls tingle. As the sound tightened them harder, he panted out Oates name. “Oates. Please. God. Fuck me.”

Oates’ hand gripped his cock and Evans spilled. Sprays of white landed on the pure navy blue of the leather. He roared into the release, knowing Oates had caused it turning him on even more and making his ass clench around Oates’ cock in one long, agonizing spasm. Wracked from head to toe, he arched his back and surrendered to the moment. To the man he’d wanted so badly the past eight months. To the reality that loneliness sucked and holding a grudge against the army didn’t make him tough. With each gasping breath he wanted to tell Oates how much he needed him.

But as soon as his orgasm ended, Oates let go of Evans’ cock and dug his fingers into his hips. He did what any man would do, excited by hearing his lover come. He fucked him fast and hard with pounding strokes that rattled Evans’ teeth.

“Fuck, Evans. Fuck!” Oates came, keening a cry that curled Evans’ toes and had him shivering with the first tendrils of another orgasm. Oates screamed at the ceiling, the sound filling the room and making Evans’ guts tighten. God, he wanted this man as his lover. This one. Oates.

As his orgasm ebbed, Oates drew him up off all fours, pressing him tight against his chest. With his hips still quivering in little jerks, and his cock still pulsing inside Evans, he reached around and pulled on his nipple rings until the buds throbbed and Evans cried out, writhing with desire. Then Oates moved one hand and grabbed Evans’ shaft, his other hand urging Evans’ mouth to his. They kissed in a near-miss, sloppy kind of way, both of them moaning too hard to get a good lip lock.

Oates’ hard pants set Evans off again. He trembled to pieces under Oates’ commanding touch, relieved of any duty to instruct. Oates had not only passed the training, he’d aced the test.

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