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It’s the weekend, and time for some smexy reading material. I’m currently reading a MM cowboy romance. What are you reading? Do tell! And for sure, if you can’t find what you want to read on the shelf – tell me what it is! Maybe I will write it!

Today, I bring you a smexy excerpt of Breaching the Lieutenant to put you in the mood for lurv:

Breaching Luetenint 3.5.4-2BREACHING THE LIEUTENANT

Former Sergeant Gunner Evans watched the most beautiful man he’d ever seen strip in his dusty old mechanic shop. The second his shirt came off, exposing a buttery smooth hairless chest sporting the largest pecs he’d ever seen, his dick went harder than an M26 rocket. He sucked in a breath and silently begged God for the man to slow down and make this torture last. “Now, your pants.”

Oates’ hand shook as he took down his trousers, his nervousness palpable. To Evans it was a fine perfume. The scent of first times, of innocent virginity. How long ago had it been for him? Shit. Too long. And he hadn’t exactly been reticent about it. He ran a hand over his close cropped hair and went back in his mind to his first time. He’d been a Private First Class and the man who’d taken him in the laundry room – Ryan Ludwig – had been a Corporal. To this day, his ass still quivered remembering the burn of that deliciously thick cock as it breached his hole coated with nothing but spit. Kids have it easy these days.

His cock urged him not to go easy on Oates, but the guy was skittish as a wild raccoon. It might take him more than once to tame him. He didn’t relish the thought of beating off to Oates’ image for the next three weeks though. He needed to break him now. Needed to show him exactly who he was, what he his body could do. Going easy on him wasn’t in his cock’s rule book though, not when he looked so fine. He sucked in a calming breath. One thing at a time. Patience…

“Good. Get in the back of this SUV over here. That’s right, lay on your back.” He lifted Oates’ feet and stuck them to the roof of the car. “Hold onto the straps above you.” He’d had those specially installed for just such a purpose, but the lack of a playmate meant he hadn’t used them till now.

From between plump, firm, golden ass cheeks, Oates’ hole winked at him. His mouth watered. Using deliberately slow motions, he snagged the rolling chair behind him and sat, then scooted the ass in front of him to the edge of the tailgate. “Did you shower today, Oates?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

He lowered his head and sniffed Oates’ balls. “You smell clean.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then he gave the sac a lick.

Oates gasped, one foot leaving its perch at the roof of the SUV and crashing down by Evans’ head.

He calmly put a hand on Oates’ thigh and pushed it back up. “Leave it where I told you to put it.”

“Y-yes, sir.”

Drawn to the quivering puckered hole, Evans bent low and buried his face in Evans’ ass. He teased and lapped the entrance for several long minutes before stiffening his tongue and pushing it inside. The manly flavor of Oates’ clean hole made his cock longer and harder, until it throbbed against his pants.

Smooth perfectly rounded butt cheeks caressed his face as Oates moaned and writhed, his tight ring clamping down on Evans’ tongue. Evans grasped both sides of his ass and held them as steady as he could while Oates bucked his hips up over and over again, spreading his legs so wide Evans had a hard time resisting the urge to plunge his cock between them. Oates’ ragged pants drove his need higher and higher. Oh God, you’re hot, Oates. I want to fuck you so bad, you’re killing me.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J8464F4

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Breaching-Lieutenant-Eva-Lefoy-ebook/dp/B00J8464F4/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/423152

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-breachingthelieutenant-1462493-351.html


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