Character Interview with #fae lover boy Cedar Heartwood by @daisybanks12 @LSB_Lsbooks

Valentine's Wishes-high-resPlease welcome Daisy Banks who brings us a character Interview with Cedar Heartwood, the fairy who is the hero of Valentine Wishes.

Daisy: Hello, Cedar. Thank you so much for taking time out to come and talk to me here.
Cedar: Hello, Ms. Banks, it is a pleasure to meet you.
Daisy: Do sit down. Would you like tea? My my, it is warm in here. I’ll just open a window.
Cedar: I wouldn’t undo any more buttons if I were you.
Daisy: Goodness, how did that happen? I am so sorry. Oh my. I’ll just pour you a cup of tea.
Cedar: Blushing suits you. Maybe you should do it more often.
Daisy: Thank you, I think I might during this interview. I had so many questions prepared and I’ve forgotten them all.
Cedar: Don’t fret. I think I can help you out.
Daisy: Thanks so much.
Cedar: I suppose you want to know about the fairy court.
Daisy: Please.
Cedar: Relax and drink your tea. Mostly the court is where a lot of younger fairies enjoy life. The music is wonderful, feasting and dancing until the dawn most nights, and everyone gets to enjoy a bargain or two.
Daisy: Bargain?
Cedar: Hmm. A bargain usually means a night of pleasure with a friendly fairy.
Daisy: It sounds idyllic. I don’t know how you could have wanted to leave.
Cedar: Fashion. I was a fashion victim. The latest fashion didn’t suit me at all. I decided to do fly about as you know and on my journey I managed to find Poppy .
Daisy: She’s a very lucky fairy.
Cedar: Do you have something in your eye? Blinking like that can’t be good.
Daisy: No, I’m fine. Poppy was thrilled to see you.
Cedar: Not at first, she was so distracted about the mortals. I swear I nearly left. If she hadn’t kissed me when she did the story would have been very different. I don’t know why you had to make life so difficult for her.
Daisy: It wasn’t intentional.
Cedar: The disaster did absolutely nothing for her self-esteem. Without me, she’d have been a nervous wreck.
Daisy: But you did your job as the hero and helped her.
Cedar: Who wouldn’t have wanted to help such a delicious fairy. She has this little freckle you know, shaped like a tulip, just by the side of her mouth. Every time I see it, I want to kiss her.
Daisy: As I said, she’s a lucky fairy. The kiss really kick started your relationship didn’t it.
Cedar: I’d known Poppy at the court, she was so quiet most of the time, never said a word to me. The things she did though, ah, I cried laughing when she turned my friend Yew blue. He was furious and looked like bluebell for days.
Daisy: Poppy seemed to be very miserable about the court. She didn’t want to return did she?
Cedar: No, it took a while for her to tell me. I understand why she prefers us to be alone together right now and for a while in the future.
Daisy: It was so noble of you to agree not to return to the court.
Cedar: Thank you, Ms. Banks. I’d do a lot more than that to keep Poppy happy. She is a very special fairy.
Daisy: Wonderful. Tell me, were you happy with the way the story unfolded?
Cedar: Once you got into your stride things improved. I know Poppy can’t have been the easiest fairy to work with.
Daisy: True, but working with you more than made up for all her problems.
Cedar: I’m glad to hear it.
Daisy: What was your favorite part of the story, Cedar?
Cedar: I think the morning after the party has to be one of my favorite parts. Poppy was just wonderful, perfect. I knew then what I wanted, it took a little longer for the idea to firm up, but I knew. You’re blushing again.
Daisy: Sorry, let’s get on shall we. Is there one thing you’d like to tell readers about yourself?
Cedar: I’d like people to know I’m not such a selfish fairy as I appear at the beginning of the story. You left out a lot of my good qualities, you know. I’m not half as self absorbed as you made me seem. Out of context, I think that’s the expression. Obviously, by the end of the story the readers will know I’m an all round good guy.
Daisy: Oh, yes. Was there anything in the story you felt bad about because you couldn’t get it? Achieve it?
Cedar: I’m a fairy, technically there isn’t anything I can’t have or get.
You’re blushing again.
Daisy: Thank you, Cedar. I think we’d best end the interview here. Give my regards to Poppy when you see her, and best wishes to you both for the autumn event you’re waiting for.
Cedar: Thank you, Ms. Banks I’ll pass your good wishes to Poppy.
 Valentine Wishes is published by Liquid Silver Books and is available here
  • Full of good intentions the novice fairy Poppy grants her first big wish at a Valentine’s Day party. The wish to bring her mortals love is powerful but misses its target and lands in the party punch.
    All three of her sweet mortal girls take just a sip and each one falls for the wrong man.
    There hasn’t been a fairy disaster this bad in centuries and Poppy has no idea how to put things right. Add to the catastrophe the arrival of Cedar Heartwood, the fairy of her dreams, who drinks the punch too, and Poppy’s dilemma grows.
    Cedar loves her in ways she’s only dreamed about. Should she take back the wish from both the mortals and the fairy she adores? She must step with care or lose everything.
  • Poppy sat in thought. I don’t want to lose my mortals but I do want to see them happy. I know I can help them find the mates they want.
    Better slow down a bit here. She bit her lip. I’ve not actually ever made a real big wish happen before, not ever. Somehow, I don’t think a big wish will be so easy as a stay- clean wish to the windows, or a stay-dust-free wish to the shelves. Maybe I ought to think about it a good bit before the party and see if I can remember what they said about big wishes at the court. But, hey, everyone has to have a first!
    She crept out into the kitchen with tingles of anticipation making her wings itch. The room smelled fresh and clean. Tonight she had no fear she’d slip on a grease spot as she hovered up and landed on the window ledge. Before she made her way out of the window, she sent a little tiny wish to the surface of the stove to keep it spotless. I’ve done all I can tonight, tomorrow will be the big test. She ducked under the window net and flew out into the fresh air.
    While she hovered, enjoying the starlit garden, she tried to remember everything she could about big wishes. The power has to swell through me and I must wait until it’s at its strongest before I send the wish to where it’s needed. Can I do it? Not once, but three times tomorrow night? Can I grant a real big wish for each of them and still have the strength to breathe?
    She flew back to her small nest up in the brickwork above the porch and sat with a cup of nectar in her hand. The warmth of roses and the peace of lavender filled her as she sipped. Of course, I can do it, and tomorrow I will.
    Before she slept, she brushed out her best yellow gown with the tiny mother of pearl decorations.
    She would look her best, dressed in traditional fairy fashion when she granted the wishes her mortals wanted. Satisfaction slid over her.
    Tomorrow’s party is going to be something magical.
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