Tie me up and never let me go! Rated (R) Excerpt from @eva_lefoy #GLBT #romance #giveaway @trs_studio

Sex_Ties_Videotapes_FinalTie yourself up with a *hot* weekend read!

Release Parties @ TRS

I’m happy to announce my latest story is out from MLR Press. It’s a *light* BDSM story about a sub named Geoffrey and the man who used to be his ex’s BFF. There’s no collars, no dom/sub play, just two guys who want to get it on and are exploring if they can make that happen. You see, Geoffrey’s been hurt.

His ex, Brian, totally didn’t understand or want to deal with Geoffrey’s submissive side. Brian only liked bossy, aggressive bottoms. So the more submissive Geoffrey’s pleas got the more of a *dickhead* Brian became. In a moment of sheer stupidity, Brian videotaped himself giving Geoffrey what he wanted and put the video up on YouTube for all to see!

So yeah, Geoffrey’s a little … shell shocked.

When the blue-eyed sandy haired gorgeous Paul that’s so handsome he could make angels weep with joy tells Geoff he wants…

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