Six Sentence Sunday – I’m not watching the #superbowl


I’m working on book # 2 of the Love Hurts series. Book #1 releases from MLR Press on 2-14-2014. Woot! It’s called Sex, Ties and Videotape.

In it, we meet Geoffrey and Paul — that’s a good stand-in for Paul to your left – and we learn that Geoffrey’s a sub who’s been treated badly by his ex.

But Paul clicks right into dom-mode and he and Geoffrey hook up. Yum!

Book #2 picks up after their trip to Paris and opens with a sex scene. It’s good morning sex, it’s welcome back from Paris sex, it’s honey-god-i-need-you sex. Here’s part of the scene:

Geoffrey scooted up a little and placed his hands on the brass bar. As soon as he was in the correct position, he lifted his ass and spread his legs.

Paul moaned at the sight. His lover was eager as well as beautiful. The heady combination sped liquid out his head. This fuck would have to be hard and quick. He needed Geoffrey too damn bad.  With practiced skill he tied the soft ropes around Geoffrey’s hands and grunted in approval when Geoffrey tested the restraints and let out a soft moan. So beautiful.

“Give me more,” Geoff panted. “Just a little.”

The base of his cock twitched, sending a fierce contraction through his balls. If Geoffrey wanted more, he’d give him more. Reaching onto the table one more time, he grabbed the nipple clamps.

Geoffrey’s eyes it up and he let his legs fall open wider.

“I think you need these this morning, Geoff. I think you know you want them.” He leaned forward and sucked a pink nipple into his mouth, laving it, but not sucking hard enough for it to firm too much. Geoffrey’s nipples were very sensitive, and he wanted them nice and soft when he put the clamps on, so he could watch them harden as he fucked him.

From Goeffrey’s gasp as he placed the first clamp, he’d done his preparation work correctly. Geoffrey twisted underneath him, and he held on tight, moving his mouth slowly to the other one, refusing to satisfy Geoff’s urges just yet.

“P-please. Oh, God.”

“Be good.” He gave Geoffrey’s ass a light spank. “Or you’ll only get one.” Licking his way across Geoffrey’s chest, and pausing to nibble at various places, he drew out the torture. Right before he lowered his mouth to the other one – which was already standing half hard – he paused again. “Are you being good?”

“Yes, Paul. Yes.”

He sucked the other nipple and swirled his tongue around it, scraping it lightly with his teeth as he pulled away. Then he slid the other clamp on and sat up to watch his handiwork.

Geoffrey’s eyes slid nearly closed and his back arched off the bed, pulling the nipple clamps taut. He let out a long, low moan. “Paul, I’m close. I’m going to come.”

“Oh no you’re not. Not yet.” He slapped Geoff’s ass harder this time. “Not until I’m inside you.”

Beneath him, Geoffrey trembled, pre-cum coating his belly.

—– yes that’s more than six sentences! LOL But hey, it’s nipple clamps and I just couldn’t resist. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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