Science Fiction – how come? #SF #SCIFI #romance

I know, I’m a girl. I always have been. Trust me. That’s non-negotiable. But I’ve always been a left-brained right-brainer. Does that make sense? Of course not!

What I mean to say is, I’m VERY imaginative, but I don’t tend toward mushy. My sister was the one who wore pink, dressed like a lady and always had her hair perfect. I was the one who daydreamed and got horny watching Star Trek. No, my hair was NOT perfect.And pink? FTS!

Rom and Nog

So here I am as an adult and I’m still not a pink girl, I’m still a scifi girl. Why? Well because it makes me think more. I gotta admit, I’m as taken with Darcy as the next woman.

And yeah, who doesn’t love a good historical romance? But while they’re arguing and looking pretty I can also appreciate something a little more gritty:

And then I’ll be thinking to myself of all the sordid things that can only go wrong in this universe, but in all the rest as well.

In The Trouble With Memories, out now from Decadent Publishing, the Martians are invading, but not where you can shoot them. They’re inside the mind. In the bloodstream. Taking control at the DNA level. Yesssir, that’s a problem. A real problem. We’re not talking lack of social connections here, we’re talking turning green as an Orion slave girl!




Helium toads!

Lieutenant Lucy Borasco has her phase pistol ready and her ex-boyfriend in her sights. She has every intention of making him pay for choosing his career over her. But she hadn’t factored in a Martian sneak invasion, Cal’s incessant need to save the universe, or the risk of permanent damage to her complexion. Getting Cal back will cost her more than she thinks, leaving her changed forever.

Captain California Sykes’ memories are gone, his career is in ruins, and his ex-girlfriend nearly kills him with a kiss. Can he overcome the Martian invasion, save the rest of the team and win Lucy back again in the process? Or will his seat-of-the-pants plans and the canned fish rations cost him everything he holds dear, including his sanity?

Genre: Military, paranormal romance, interracial, sci fi, futuristic, space opera

Heat level: 4
Word count – 30k



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