How to swear intergalactically #scifi #romance #SFR

ttwm couple smallerSwear words. You either find them charming or you don’t. In my case, here’s the scoop:

1. My biological father was a truck driver. Uh huh. I’ve got swearing embedded in my genes!

2. My stepfather was a cop. Double uh huh. When I was four I sang, “Heaps of horseshit to the sergeant” in the grocery checkout line. I also later got my mouth washed out with soap in a public school!

Yeah, so, there it is. I come by my potty mouth naturally. But not all readers agree. I was totally surprised to see comments about “language” in one of the Tentacles reviews. I was like, what? It’s scifi! But that’s no matter.

In my current Science Fiction Romance – The Trouble With Memories – I figured out a way to play this game to please everybody. Forget shit, damn, and fuck. They are so last universe! I’ve got brand new swear words to trip your trigger. Check these out:

comet tails
dark star
frozen comet tails
heaving rockets helium toads
holy supernova
rocky planets
Saturn’s shadow
shrinking quarks

Ha! Betcha didn’t know I got an “A” in astronomy did ya? And I came up with those w/out even cracking the ‘ol textbook. NASA here I come!

Oops – I forgot fragg. Fragging hell, how did I do that? Fragg is like the blue ribbon winner in intergalactic swearing. So fragg all, I’ve added it right here. : )



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