What to do when someone shoots your father #WIP

For Leana Milano, the list is pretty simple:

  1. Sneak attack him using false pretense to get closer
  2. Take the safety off the Glock
  3. Drill him with a bullet and extract revenge

With a plan as down and dirty as that, you wouldn’t think anything could go wrong. But Lean’s a bit like me – too much maybe! She’ll go with the plan, riding it the whole way, not stopping to check in with her feelings or to scrutinize the reality of it. Then, when the actual moment’s upon her, and it’s do-or-die – then the truth hits her. Bam!

Poor Leana. In this story she’s hit with a lot of truth in a pretty short time frame. Her world teeters and falls to pieces. Luckily there’s a hot lawman there to help pick them up!


Here’s an excerpt to show you what I mean:

Leana clicked the hotel door shut behind her and leaned against it. One hand on the doorknob, she put the other over her belly. She had the shakes. Big time. Her stomach twisted and turned. She sucked in a couple deep breaths to get some control. I can do this. I have to. It will be all right.

After so many long years of waiting, her nerves had shattered on the car on the way to the hotel. The reality of what she was about to do came crashing down on her, parting the angry fog that had consumed her for so long. For the first time she could see clearly. She was about to kill a man in cold blood.

“Oh, God.” Dizzy and flushed, she sat on the edge of the bed and put her head in her hands. “This is crazy.” Her heart skipped in her chest, sending a resounding thud through her body. Her stomach turned cold. If she didn’t make it to the bathroom in time she’d vomit in the room. She stood quickly, and the dizziness worsened. Black spots floated before her eyes, growing bigger by the second. She reached a hand back toward the bed and collapsed on top of it, the pounding in her head insufferable. Swallowing back the bile, she gasped for air but her throat felt constricted, her breathing shut off. With her head swimming she blanked out.

Does she shoot him?

Hell yes!

After she gets done shooting him, she might just get what she wants!

I’ve submitted this little gem and will report back soon with progress!

More later,



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