Thankfully Naughty #Giveaway Hop

Thankfully Naughty Blog Hop

Are you naughty?

If you are, are you thankful to be naughty? You should be! Being naughty is exactly what it’s cracked up to be – a darn good time. 🙂

Now for me, naughty can take all sorts of forms from naughty thoughts and daydreams – mmmm sexy characters from books or movies or even TV – to writing naughty things such as this from my current cowboy story work in progress:

She arched her back aching for more of his touch. Her cleavage spilled into his hands and her breathing quickened. They’d never been so alone before – even in his trailer, there were people parked around them, hundreds of them. But here, they had her entire condo to use as their bedroom and her full size bed. It was up to her and not the confines of the space to set the limits on what they could do. But to set limits she first had to want them.

Freddy lowered his mouth to the swell of her breast and sucked a generous portion into his mouth. His lips traveled down the exposed flesh until he reached her tightly budded nipple. While he captured it and sucked he kneaded the nipple of her other breast with his thumb and forefinger.

She cried out. Heat sank between her legs making her squirm with need. She could pretend not to want him no more. “Please, Freddy. Oh yes, please.”

He lifted his head. “You’re mine, Jenna. Say it. Say the truth.” His blue eyes dazzled with so many star-like sparks dancing in them she thought she’d see the moon as well.

She wanted to hedge and say she’d missed him but didn’t love him. That this was just for tonight. But the look in his eyes, his hard shaft rubbing against her thigh, and the rightness she felt being next to Freddy all told her the truth. She’d be Freddy’s as long as he wanted her. “Yes, Freddy. I’m yours. Always.” She opened her legs and rocked her hips, grinding his arousal against her clit. She panted out his name.

Seconds later, he pulled back. His hand slipped down her pants as he kissed her wildly. He twisted and turned his hand in her slick folds until it was covered with her flowing juices. Then he used it to touch her everywhere at once. He was fucking her using his whole hand, the fingers penetrating her over and over and the edge of his palm driving her crazy every time the full length of it slid against her clit. It almost felt like a cock.

She pressed her hips forward and increased the pressure until the stimulus and his harsh breaths drove her over the edge. “Freddy!” She clung to his shoulders and shuddered against him, her hips drawn toward his hand like a magnet, until she felt like a shameless hussy fucking his hand with her pussy.

But being naughty can also mean doing naughty things – such as the good kind of naughty things above – or even just hedonistic things. Bubble baths. Long walks. Sleeping in. Eating chocolate and drinking wine. Calling in sick and going to the beach. Reading naughty yummy books…..

Sweet-Cravings300x450So to help give you some naughty ideas, I am giving away a .pdf copy of my book, Sweet Cravings, which has whipped cream naughtiness all over it. Hint: the cover isn’t hot but the pages are melting.

Comment below on your favorite kind of naughtiness for your chance to win and make sure to check out the other blogs in the hop! You have until December 7th to enter for prizes!

Good luck!



27 thoughts on “Thankfully Naughty #Giveaway Hop

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  3. My favorite kind of naughtiness? Where, where, where do I begin?! Let’s start with at least one sexy man who knows how to use what he’s got, some toys and a whole lot of imagination, just to kick things off!

    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

  4. What an exciting excerpt! Candlelight, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries for me. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. Wow I’ve been blowing my nose here for a couple of days and nearly forgot about this! I’m going to do 2 winners – Ashley Anne and Kim Pinch. I’ll email y’all shortly. Thanks for visiting everyone!

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