Six Sentence Sunday November 17 #flashfiction @nanowrimo

Okay so now that we’re halfway through National Novel Writing Month, I am officially done with the cowboys manuscript. Well, let’s just say I stopped typing. It had become toooo loooooong at over 30,000 and I still wasn’t ready to type “the end” yet.

Yeah. *groans*

So I switched to a different story yesterday but for fun thought I’d post a little cowboy here for y’all.

Cowboy up!


He heard Rachel scream his name. It drove an extra spike of energy into his escape because he was then not only running away from something, he had something to run to. Rachel’s voice pulled at his soul like a magnet. He leapt for the fence with his last ounce of strength and vaulted, landing on the arena’s hard cement. He laid there with the breath knocked out of him and heard his name from her lips again. Confused, he’d thought it was angels. Was he dead? Did the bull get him?

She cupped his face in her hands and hovered over him, tears shining in her eyes.

Life surged back into his body.

More on bull riding book II later. First, I gotta make it to Nov. 30th and finish NaNoWriMo!

Happy reading,



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