Queer Romance Blog Hop via @HeidiBelleau #GLBT #romance #giveaways

NGBT Small Ebook CoverWelcome to the Queer Romance Blog Hop, where queer writers and readers of queer romance share their thoughts on the genre, as well as a few recommendations for books to read! Everyone participating in this blog hop identifies as queer and also reads and/or writes (or edits, or reviews!) queer romance. For our purposes, queer romance refers to books with:

1. LGBTQ+ main characters

2. In romantic relationships

3. That have a happy ending. (No Brokeback Mountain here, folks!)

And here we go:

1. Let’s start off with the getting-to-know-you stuff: How do you identify, and what does that mean to you? Whatever level of detail you’re comfortable with, of course!

I’m a dash of all flavors. I’m mainly hetero but with bi tendencies.

2. What’s your preferred “flavour” of queer romance (e.g. trans*, f/f, m/m, menage with queer characters, etc.) Why?

I’m into the MM and the Menage but I also like FF – there’s less of it out there so there’s less to read, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great romance. On the same line of thinking, I’ve read some terrible MM and Menages and some good ones.

3. Do you write/read/review? Do you think being queer affects your participation or platform in romancelandia?

I read and write and as a reader I’m always reviewing in my head. If someone gives me a GLBT book to read for review I’m certainly able to do that.

4. What drew you to queer romance?

Are you kidding me? Sex is sex. Hot is hot. I have always thought outside the box so it’s no surprise my reading tastes took me there. And in the case of MM romance – hello, two guys, two hard pulsing members – what’s not to love?

5. What do you love about queer romance in general, and/or your specific subgenre?

I tend to think of it as a flavor of romance with a different quality of commitment. Until recently the traditional HEA – i.e., marriage – was not available to same-sex lovers. So wrong! I’m glad they are slowly fixing that all over the place. Finally! But I think for some readers it’s the taboo HEA or HFN the characters give in to that sizzles on the pages the most. Sometimes it’s the notion that he would be with him or she would choose to be with her that tittilates.

6. What’s your pet peeve?

Twinks. I absolutely hate twinks. I’m more of a bear or suit daddy or a chubby chaser in my tastes in men. (So will somebody please explain why I’m married to a bean pole who’s about my age?) Gah. Life is funny. But in all honesty those under the age of 20 do nada for me.

7. What growth would you like to see in the genre, going forward? Any ideas on how to accomplish that?

I think the genre will have to incorporate legal marriage, and I’m sure all hell will break loose when it does. Can you imagine? Tim and Bob eloping? What’s that going to do to the sexual chemistry? Harlequin will contract “sweet” gay marriage stories and then the whole genre’s pretty much sunk!

8. Do you seek out other queer authors when you read?

Yes of course! I have some favorites. Josh Lanyon. Fae Sutherland. Cat Kane. T.A. Chase. Victor J. Banis. Sienna Black. Marie Dees. Eresse.

9. How do you feel, in general, about straight peoples’ participation in reading, writing, and reviewing queer romance?

I like it. I think it shows that our notion of “straight” is a bunch of hooey.

10. Rec us 3 titles in your chosen subgenre and tell us why you love them.

One of my favorites is Don’t Look Back by Josh Lanyon http://amzn.to/1aAq75J it’s an oldie but a goodie. I like how the story develops between the two characters and how we slowly learn the background of their relationship. It’s an awesome HFN story!

I also like the fantasy series Chronicles of Ylandre by Eresse that takes place in another world. Basically there are men and men. Those are the two sexes. One has kids as it probably has to for the race to survive but the world building and setting makes you believe it’s possible. http://www.lsbooks.com/sacred-fate-p464.php

In the scifi realm I’ve always loved To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black. It’s a M/M/M and it’s yummeh. Plus I love SFR! http://amzn.to/HYKgsl 

I will have (2) MM romances coming out SOON from Decadent Publishing. One is in their popular One Night Stand line and is set in Mumbai, India. The second is a bull rider and cowboy who meet on the PBR circuit.

But I do have (2) contemporary FF shorts out right now, and I gotta tell you book 3 will be a F/F/F ménage! I have as yet to write it, but … I will do a giveaway of book #1 in the series, No Glass Between Them to a commenter below.

Have fun with the GLBT hop everyone and thanks for visiting!


Thanks for reading and for following the tour! Be sure to use the links below to check out more great posts from our participants!


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