*Adult* Spookapalooza Part IV @TRS_Studio #PNR #flashfiction #vampire

Final day for the Spookapalooza vampire flash fiction – giveaway included.

Release Parties @ TRS

I’m happy to be here today at the TRS Studio’s 4th annual Spookapalooza event. To celebrate, I’ve got a little vampire flash fiction for you.

PART I is located here: 


Part II is located here:


Part III is located here:


Part IV Is located here:



PART V – Who’s the real monster?

Six months later…

For six months now he’d taken Clarice to his bed, and he’d not tired of her. He’d found out her name while paying for her services after yelling out the wrong one and receiving a slap along with a correction. His home which had once seemed dreary she lit up like a thousand-watt candle. And he gladly let her. Along with the rest of the girls.

Antoine’s castle was now home to fourteen working girls of the night. Each one had their particular talents, their own unique look, and a steady…

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