*Adult* Spookapalooza Part III @TRS_Studio #PNR #flashfiction #vampire

the vampire flash fiction continues on TRS

Release Parties @ TRS

I’m happy to be here today at the TRS Studio’s 4th annual Spookapalooza event. To celebrate, I’ve got a little vampire flash fiction for you.

PART I is located here: 


Part II is located here:


Part III is located here:



PART IV – My vampire, my pimp

Antoine exited the alley and paused, his ears hunting the sound of her voice and his nose searching for her scent. He could still taste her kiss on his lips, imagine her warmth against him. She couldn’t be far, could she? Why had she left?

A sound carried from down the street. Not a usual sound like footsteps or laughter. This was more like wet kisses punctuated by moans and a scrape. Curious, he inhaled. Her perfume wafted to him on the evening’s slight breeze. He hurried his steps.

Midway down the narrow strip between buildings he saw her on…

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