Spookapalooza Part II @TRS_Studio #PNR #flashfiction #vampire

The vampire flash fiction I started for Lucky 13 Blog Hop continues here. Enter to win a copy of Sweet Cravings on the final post!

Release Parties @ TRS

I’m happy to be here today at the TRS Studio’s 4th annual Spookapalooza event. To celebrate, I’ve got a little vampire flash fiction for you.

PART I is located here: 


Part II is located here:



PART III – title: My money, my love

“Madam,” he murmured, right before he lowered hungry lips to hers. Her lips were so warm and soft they stirred his cock. He was surprised the damn thing still worked. He traced across the top of her bustier with his finger.

She gasped at the contact. Her heathery breath fanned his mouth. She grabbed his fingers and squeezed. “You must be freezing. You’re so cold.”

He smiled. His fangs were elongating but it would be quite difficult for her to see in the dim light. Besides, he felt truly happy for the first time in a long lonesome while. “Yes. I get that way.”


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