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Welcome to the Lucky 13 Trick or Treat Blog Hop. For a list of participating authors, click on the above badge. The prizes for this hop include:

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And now it’s time for trick or treat. Since the weather has turned cold, and I’m in the mood for something creepy, (hey a dead body was found the other morning right across the street from me!), let’s do a Trick!

Trick (1)

Antoine adjusted the cuffs on his black dress shirt, pulling them down onto his wrists. He shook out cold hands and stared into the water. Her body floated, ivory and serene, with a tiny trickle of blood along her neck. Her red life force diffused and billowed into the light blue, forming a growing stain. He angrily brushed away wetness on his cheek.

Damn it, vampires don’t cry.

But she’d been his for so long. Forever and a day. He remembered their first meeting vividly – she a tavern wench and he an earl. Ruler over her land. The second he’d seen her, the desire to rule over her firm plump body had accosted him and he’d succumbed. He’d offered her gold coin, but she’d refused. He’d been charming, wealthy, young. Oh so young. His flesh hard and lean, aching to press against her ample breasts and hips, slipping between her silky thighs. He’d thought to persuade her. She’d refused.

She was a woman who knew her own worth.

Her scarlet hair floated around her like a veil. He wanted to reach out and touch it, feel its strength once more as he had the night he’d stolen her away. Kidnapped her against his will. He should have had an inkling then of what he’d become, but he’d been clueless as a bat. Driven by his turbulent desire, he’d ridden into the night. Unable to wait to enter her until he arrived home, he’d stopped halfway and taken her in the woods. On her hands on knees. He’d pushed her skirts above her hips, grabbed a thick handful of her luxurious hair and entered her with his pulsing rod. She’d screamed, her cry piercing the night as her channel quivered around him, and he was lost.

Even now the sight of her naked body aroused him almost to orgasm. How could he have let this happen? Allowed himself to lose his head over her?

After he’d spent himself completely in her, he’d rolled her over and pressed her back to the ground. Mouth covering hers, he’d feasted on her blissful beauty. Ate her sighs, her screams, her moans. And then her brother had snuck up behind him and killed him. Put a knife to his neck and punctured his vein. He’d died with one hand on his neck trying to hold in the precious blood, gasping, watching the only woman he’d ever wanted scurry away. And when the air grew still again they’d came up from the cold leaf-strewn earth and ravished him. Sucking his blood from his body with a voracious hunger that made his desire for her pale in comparison. Their bite had thrown his soul from the human realm into anothe. He was in body and truth an earl no more, yet he lived a sort of half life. In the dark cool English nights he made himself a new home.

That’s when she’d come to him.

Oh no, she didn’t want his money. She hadn’t wanted his title or his lands or his babes. She’d wanted the immortality only he could give her. An immortality that had certainly gone to waste.

He rubbed another tear from his cheek and glanced at the sky. Dawn would be approaching soon. He needed to move her, to place her body in a hallowed place. But the men with their bows and arrows aimed at him would see him burn in daylight before allowing her a proper burial. Summoning every ounce of courage he possessed he stepped into the pool anyway. Another step. His hands reached her cool limbs just as the first wooden arrow split apart his chest. He pressed his cool lips against hers and held them there as the pain increased. Blood curled from his mouth into hers and then trickled down into the water. He took one last shuddering breath.

And woke up screaming. He sat in bed cursing himself. After all these years, his death still haunted her. Every night he awoke wishing he’d died with her, but it was only a dream. Again he cursed his cowardice. Slowly, body cold and stiff, he walked to the windows and drew the curtains open.

Title: Death by water, death by fire



Okay lads and ladies, thanks for reading my little Halloween ditty. The Grand Prize for the hop is a Kindle Paperwite and you need to enter through the Rafflecopter here:

I’m doing a $5 Amazon gift card to one commenter – so leave me your email addy in the comment if you’d like to win.

Don’t forget to visit the sites of other participating authors to win prizes.

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    • Congratulations to Jeanette the winner for the Amazon gift card. Thank you everyone for visiting and please be aware the story continues on The Romance Studio party site, where I’m also giving away a copy of Sweet Cravings so please come on over!

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