Next challenge: #historical #romance

Lisa Wiedmeier photo

Photo by Lisa Wiedmeier, WANA commons

As if we weren’t already anticipating NaNoWriMo in November.

And the Fukushima debacle.

And then Thanksgiving and Christmas and the usual end of the year crazyness.

Yeah we just had to go ahead and add some more! :p

Writers. *shakes head* You don’t know what kind of insanity will hit you until you start writing.

Now, I have finished the Robot story from the previous challenge. It’s currently called “Download Me,” and I’m hoping to submit it next week. But right now I’m in edits for The Trouble With Memories, the SciFi Romance I have contracted with Decadent so it’s on the shelf awaiting its turn.

But now I’ve added a historical – yes, bloody hell why not – romance challenge to the schedule that starts in December and ends in February.

And I bet you didn’t know I had one sitting on my hard drive. Unfinished, yes, and a piece of utter crap, but I have one. And it shall be resurrected! And I’ll probably go crazy doing it!

Wish me luck.

Oh, and anyone that speaks Romany, leave me a contact if you want me not to slaughter the language too badly. The story involves a gypsy accused of gry choring!

Happy reading!








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