Happy 10th Anniversary @TRS_Studio!

My Sci-Fi Romance is getting closer!

Release Parties @ TRS

As writers we are fortunate to have a place where we can share our work, find new readers and learn about other great new authors to read!

The Romance Studio is such a place, and I for one am happy to support its continued existence.

I’m happy to announce I’m – this close – to having my space opera romance The Trouble With Memories ready to submit.  Here’s a snippet:

ttwm couple

He stepped closer, examining her, scrutinizing her features. “Are you saying that I know you, lieutenant?”

The words, you know my naked body like the back of your hand, sir, nearly spilled from her gaping mouth. She had to clamp it shut and bite down to keep silent. Tears stung her eyes. If this was his idea of a funny game, it truly sucked. She cleared her throat and white-knuckled the data pad. “Sir, it’s my last day here, and…

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