Day 2 Summer Seduction Blog Hop


Since I have a book in the Grand Prize package, I thought I’d include an excerpt from Sweet Cravings for you – so y’all know what you’re getting into!

Be warned it’s hot! 🙂


Driven toward the sweet smell of sugar like a moth to a layer cake of light, I willingly bent and let my hip bones contact the freezing surface. My hands reached toward the bowl. I’d just dipped my forefinger in and covered it with a nice-sized dollop of cream when his tongue pressed against my exposed sex.

Orgasms floating on fluffy cream clouds formed a tango line inside my loins. My thighs trembled under his fingers; his clever tongue stabbed into me and my walls squeezed around the firm invasion, hungry for more. I moaned and pressed my finger farther into my mouth, sucking the cream off. His tongue did a swirly move to die for. Figures a chef would have his own recipe for rapture. I gasped, my walls quivering as the double pleasure intensified.

He pressed his tongue deeper into my flesh and the groan he issued behind me shivered through me, leaving me drenched and desperate to reach release…. I spread my legs wider and wriggled my ass in a silent plea for him to take me all the way—or fill me with whipped cream until I burst, whichever came first.

Not one but two of his fingers jabbed into my sex and a cry ripped out of me. At the same time, his devilish thumb pressed down on my clit, and he rocked his hand back and forth, spreading sensations the length of my pussy. I squirmed against the table, my hips flexing and grinding with urgent need. “Oh, yes. Yes. Please.”

When I half turned to beg for more and beg to have it faster, a sharp spank landed on my left ass cheek, warning me to stay put. Face-front, my gaze locked once more with the bowl of creamy filling. I drew a deep inhale of the sweet scent, his fingers scissored inside me, his thumb flicked my clit harder, and another sharp spank grazed my cheek, which caused my sex to squeeze.

The pleasures of sex and dessert at long last merged into one. A fervent climax roared through me, sending spasm after spasm from my cunt to my collarbones. I arched off the table and screamed. His mouth rode me higher, nibbling along the delicate sides of my folds until I clawed the steel table, unable to contain the sensations splitting me apart. When I could no longer draw anything but short, ragged breaths, his fingers slowed to a torturous caress that wrung every last tremor from my limbs. He lifted my limp body and turned me around in his arms. Delicious aftershocks thrummed through me.

Pressed tight against his expansive, hair-strewn chest still slathered with cream in places and now cold, I squealed in shock. But as soon as his mouth descended on mine, I sighed into the exquisite warmth of his lips. He was an excellent kisser. Not too greedy, not too fast, all controlled passion and skill. Down below, a stiff ridge of cock pressed into my belly, reminding me he’d so far only served the first course. So this is bliss….

I melted in his arms faster than an iceberg in Florida. Meanwhile, my hands had a mind of their own. They traveled over his softly rounded belly and gravitated to his zipper. It was all I could do to get my fingers and thumb to function in the hazy aftermath of release, but spurred on by the promise of having him naked before me at last, I soon had the zipper down.

His moan vibrated through my mouth when I slipped my hand into his underwear and circled his silken-hard shaft, and my body warmed even hotter. His tongue shot deep inside my mouth, matching my strokes while I learned the full length of him. Then he gripped my biceps and pushed me back. From his ragged pants, slow and deliberate was no longer on the menu, which was fine with me.

Be sure to hop along as you can and check everyone out. Along the way you will have opportunities to earn more entries for the big hop prizes:

A $75 Gift Card + a 7 ebook bundle or a 10 ebook bundle

So, just follow the link below or check out the link list in the sidebar and start hopping! Within three days of the hop’s end on Aug 21st at midnight eastern time we will select the 2 winners of the overall hop and notify them via email as well as post their names on the site. The two winners will have three days to respond or another winner will be selected for their prize.

Click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and by the way, erotica rocks!  *grins*


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