Six Sentence Sunday August 11, 2013

both girls smallerContessa and Alyce are back at it in Dirty Little Lies, the 2nd book in the Sturdy Accountant series. The second installment is a bit longer, and I’m told the sex scenes are pretty *hot*.

If you haven’t read book #1 yet, you can find the first book on All Romance Ebooks here. and on here. I’ll let you know as soon as book #2 is available.

Here’s a snippet from the upcoming story:


She opened herself to the punishing rhythm, splaying her legs as far as they’d go. Every one of Alyce’s firm thrusts battered her cervix. Over and over Contessa’s womb trembled, each spasm building on the previous one, until she thought she’d explode from the sensations. But she lingered on the edge, too spent from her previous orgasms to reach completion.


“Do you need some help, honey? How about this?” Alyce pressed her finger to Contessa’s already too-sensitive clit and circled.

Thanks for reading!



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