#BBF Blogger Book Fair Day 5: Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

July BBF button copyHappy final day of Blogger Book Fair! I hope you’ve had a great time finding new authors to read and won lots of swag *grins*

Today I’m pleased to welcome author Lillian MacKenzie Rhine to the blog, who is interviewing her character Queen Nahema/Natalya Hart from her urban fantasy/paranormal romance Memoirs of a Succubus


What was your 1st impression of your partner?
Well it depends on the victim…eh em…partner. The Ringer well he is just that…a ringer…he knows just how to please me. The man who refers to himself as my boyfriend..well…he is adventurous. Now the neighbor…now he has shown me the light on a few new positions…and lets just say…pain hurts so bad.

Tell us, in one sentence, about yourself.
I love to suck, eat, lick, and stick. Next question?

What is your biggest conflict in your story?
That damn Sinnocent is my biggest conflict. He is always coming to the rescue for this pitiful excuse for a human body that I inhabit.

What is your favorite memory?
My favorite memory was having that guy’s….well…in my…eh hmmm…is this a family show?

What ultimately drew you to your partner?
The different colors, tastes, smells, and feel of a multitude of men…and apparently women.

What do you do for fun?
What do I do for fun? Are you free tonight? Look into my eyes…

What is your favorite part of your story?
My favorite part of my story is when I set that wimp Sinnocent straight. Just to see the fear in his eyes was orgasmic.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

After showering and dressing in a plain white tee and jeans, minus boxers as he knew she would request, he headed to Natalya’s townhouse arriving with 5 minutes to spare. Finding the door ajar to Natalya’s lavish three-bedroom, four-bath, split-level residence, he stepped into the darkness of her domain with caution. At this point in their acquaintance, he knew that the object that he was seeking would appear in the only room with a candle showing a single violet flame. Curious as to where she purchased candles, he asked her a few months back but with annoyance she informed him that the candles were found in the basement of her home when she moved in.

As he stalked through the foyer, he could smell the familiar scent of lavender and vanilla permeating the air on the lower level, alerting him to the fact that his prize was soon to appear. Walking past the sitting room with urgency, he took a fleeting moment to admire the upscale decor of her domain. With soft, rich chocolate leather furnishings set in contrast with the icy, chill of the iron metal tables, coupled with the nude paintings of women, the entire room looked like a decadent box of chocolates.

Soon he started pacing down the hallway leading to the kitchen, when he halted with abruptness. The downstairs bathroom had a shimmering glow of plum light escaping through the door frame. He closed his eyes inhaling the delicate scent of vanilla and chamomile.

Mmmmm. She always smells good enough to eat.

His mouth watered from the memories of her.

Before he took the step of no return, that he became accustom to for the past few months, he took a deep breath, shook his head, turning the knob with a costive hesitation. “Here we go again.”

And the author here: Lillian MacKenzie Blog  http://lillianmackenzierhine.wordpress.com
Thanks for being here today, Lillian! And happy Blogger Book Fair to all.

4 thoughts on “#BBF Blogger Book Fair Day 5: Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

  1. Hiya, just saw you comment on my blog post at Tasha’s Thinkings. Sorry for commenting here, but I get the feeling you’re not getting any of my emails. I sent the blog post twice and have been sending you emails ever since I got your first one way back after we first got the pairups. Have you seen any of them?


    • OMG Tasha I’m so sorry!

      I have a bad relationship with spam filters. : (
      I did find your post and will put it up later this afternoon at 16:00 PST.

      Thank you for contacting me again! I hope we can sort this out. I think your work looks really great.


      • Spam filters can be a nightmare – I’ve had the same problem myself. Technology is sometimes too clever for it’s own good.

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