#BBF Blogger Book Fair Day 1: Nina Pierce

July BBF button copyHappy first day of Blogger Book Fair! I hope you will have a great time finding new authors to read and winning lots of swag *grins*

Today I’m pleased to welcome author Nina Pierce to the blog. Take it away, Nina!

Your Story Started Where?

by Nina Pierce

I’ve gutted and redone two houses and built a third. I loved it! Well, not the gutting part, but the point where the sheetrock is newly primed and the floors are bare. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom or the living room, the possibilities are endless on which way to take the mood and color scheme.

The first time I had a room to decorate I panicked. It was only the bathroom, but still, it felt daunting. I had no idea where to start. The floor? The paint on the walls? The shower curtain and towels? Ahhh, my head was going to explode with possibilities. I really didn’t know what to do. So I started with the shower curtain. Think about it, besides the fixtures (which were neutral), your curtain sets the tone for the whole bathroom. I scoured through the local bathroom retailers trying to decide a color scheme. Once I’d chosen the curtain everything fell into place from the ceramic tiles to the pictures on the wall.

But every room I’ve redecorated since then seems to have started in a different place. Sometimes it was an area rug I just had to have. In another room it was a picture I knew would display perfectly over the mantle of the fireplace that decided the mood of the room. I once did a whole room around an antique chair. Truth-be-told, I’m sort of all over the place when it comes to decorating.

And what does this have to do with writing? Everything!

One of the first questions people ask me when they find out I’m a writer is, “how did you come up with that idea?” And I wish I had one answer for them. But my writing (much like my decorating) is just kind of this weird conglomeration of stuff that comes together. I really couldn’t tell you if a particular story started with a dream, a cool picture I saw, a setting I just couldn’t resist or the “What If …” question. My brain just sort of plays with all of the elements until it comes together on the page.

I’m what’s called a “pantser”. That is, I don’t know the full extent of my story or my characters until I’m writing. Then slowly after I’ve written a chapter or two, like painting the walls and laying the floor, my story has a foundation. The quirky details my characters develop, like the knick knacks in a room, (hopefully) pull the whole thing together to make a well-rounded story for the reader.

My newest release, A TOUCH OF LILLY, is a sexy romantic suspense story that takes place in deep space.  


Ex-Chicago detective LILLY D’ANGELO has a secret she doesn’t share with anyone. A master of the one night stand, she’s given up ever finding a soul mate and thrown herself head first into her career. That is, until she captures the wrong alien. Kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade, she’s shipped into deep space. Barely escaping with her life, Lilly now travels the galaxy working as a bounty hunter using her secret talents to bring down criminals and seeking revenge on the one male who ruined her life.

Agent DALLAS SAWYER works for deep space’s version of the FBI. After a disastrous mission that left several of his team members murdered, a president executed, and Dallas near death, he’s determined to take down the assassin targeting government officials. When a sexy human female gets between him and his goal, Dallas and his alien partner find themselves on the receiving end of a passionate night they won’t soon forget and a proposition that may very well blow up in their faces.

Because in deep space … true love can happen with just a touch.


He maneuvered them through the growing throng of the tavern figuring he could enjoy a quick romp and get the human as far from this place as he could before all hell rained down.

“I don’t even know your name,” she said.

“My friends call me Sawyer. You can call me Dallas.”

“Like the planet? Dallas Eight?”

“No the city.” He pulled open the door and motioned her onto the street.

The woman scrunched her face in that cute habit she had. Maybe she’d never been to Earth. It wasn’t so farfetched. Since the first wave of humans left Earth nearly sixty years ago, hoping to find uninhabited planets to ease Earth’s overcrowding, they’d managed to reproduce on all dozen planets in the Nebulae Galaxy. Dallas knew there were at least two generations of humans on Reigis Alpha who had never set foot on their planet of origin.

“As in Texas?” she asked.

He stopped short just outside the tavern. “You know Earth?”

Even in the blue wash of the unnatural lights lining the bustling street he could see the color flooding her cheeks. “I’m human, aren’t I?” She planted her hands on her hips.

Yep, he’d screwed that up. Her color was indignation, not embarrassment.


BUY LINK for KINDLE lovers: http://amzn.com/B00CR4I522

BUY LINK for NOOK lovers: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-touch-of-lilly-nina-pierce/1022936625?ean=9781479315895


Close up Cane

USA Today bestselling author, Nina Pierce, grew up in a house full of readers. Nina’s discovered the passionate side of romance with her sexy stories. For her, it’s all about the sweet scent of seduction mixed with the heartwarming aroma of romance.

Nina resides in New England with her high school sweetheart and soul mate of twenty-eight years and several very spoiled cats who consider her “staff”. When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her three grown children, one love-sick son-in-law and a heart-melting grandson.

 You can keep up with her new books at her website (http://www.NinaPierce.com) or by following her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/nina.pierce) or Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ninapierce)

Thanks for much for being here, Nina. I love the cover – this one’s going in my TBR pile!



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