More hawt robots


So while on a grueling hike – yes, no kidding – I worked on the robot story concept a little bit more. Got a little bit closer to the scenario … about as close a pantster wants to get if you know what I mean jelly bean. And this first part I really like.

I’ve watched Blade Runner too many times and know all the words but one of the first scenes where we see Deckard in the police hovercar and he’s hearing about the case and the chase is most definitely going to happen at that point sticks in my mind.

Cause you see, our Mr Hotty Robot is a cop/protector/special agent and he’s been assigned to keep our heroine safe. She’s out there alone and doesn’t know they’ve killed her father trying to obtain the information they wanted. So he’s rushing to fiind her maybe in a hovercar kind of like Harrison Ford in this shot.

She hates everything her father stood for: namely AI. She hasn’t seen him in years, but now … his data is her problem. And she’d doesn’t have a clue why those men are following her. Then Mr Hotty Robot shows up. Not cool. Not cool at all. She’s ready to throw a fit as he snatches her and they run toward safety.

Will they make it?

Well, the trip isn’t guaranteed to be safe. After all, in order to ensure Mr Hotty Robot will do anything to save the human, he’s given an emotional upgrade right before he goes out on the mission. Yep, he can now fall in love.

And we all know safety of one’s heart is never guaranteed in that scenario!

Oh and in a nod to Red Dwarf, Mr Hotty Robot has a detachable penis!

Allyson and Diane – TAG you’re it! 🙂



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