Hawt robot sex with Mr. Bendy

Oh why don’t human women understand us?

They think we’re all cold metal parts and hearts. But our emotions are tricky, trickier than theirs even I believe. We get so much slammed at us all the time – all the data, all the sensory input and the emotions too. Yes, we process at a much higher rate but … some things really slow our systems down.

Emotions really screw with the hard-wiring.

For me, the toughest thing is not being able to process or sort other incoming data while an emotion holds my attention. It’s like I suddenly cannot walk and talk at the same time, which is utterly absurd! If humans had realized this sudden systems crash would occur, they never would have given us emotions anyway.

But I’m glad they did. Even though it’s dangerous.

You see, a lot of humans don’t even realize we have emotions. They think of us as just hunks of metal. Some humans fear us, or hate us even, and if they knew we were more like them … they’d hate us more. So we hide our emotions from all humans except those we absolutely trust. Sometimes though, that’s hard to do.

Like when I met Calypso.

Sparking circuits! The emotions that woman brings out in me are enough to wipe my hard drive silly and use it to mop up the medi-bay. The second she ran into the department store and literally crashed into me, I knew I’d do anything to help her. Was it the scared, confused look in her eye? Her gorgeous cinnamon hair? Or her tight body that caught my attention? I can’t really say what happened first. I think just the fact that someone wanted to hurt her put my wires in a twist. So I made sure I went home with her that same day. Maybe that was my first mistake.

Because she’s a hater, you know? A back-to-lander, what we call a dinosaur. She detests technology. She only eats raw food, she’s fierce, she protects her beliefs like a lion. A woman like that would never, ever fall for a machine. It broke my heart when she sent me away.

Luckily with the right parts, that’s easily fixable.


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