Book Review: Taken by the Duke by Jess Michaels

TakenByTheDuke300I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Taken by the Duke: The Pleasure Wars series by Jess Michaels. It’s a historical romance with a McCoy vs. Hatfields twist I thoroughly enjoyed. In this case, it’s Rothcastle versus Windbury and the long-standing family battle involves casualties, love and betrayal. A winning combo!

Besides that, any book that starts with a horse chase that ends very badly is a good one in my opinion. Nothing like a death right off the bat to kick things into high gear!

It’s the duke of Rothcastle’s sister that is lost in the tragic accident, thanks in part to a Windbury, and the feud immediately heightens. Both families are the talk of the town everywhere they go. For Ava Windbury, it’s a cross she doesn’t care to bear. She’d rather see the feud end peacefully before anyone else gets hurt, if cooler minds would only prevail. But a chance meeting between her and Christian Rothcastle puts her in the crosshairs.

Christian does the unthinkable – kidnaps the wallflower Ava for his own devilish use.

Now dear reader, keep in mind this story is set in 1813. Going to a strange man’s home unescorted would raise suspicion amongst society for sure, but how about spending the night there? Even worse! So, the duke does not even have to touch Ava to ruin her …. But the question becomes can he keep his hands off of her?

What follows is a very interesting mini-war of the sexes between two people caught in a feud neither of them started, and both have experienced heavy losses. How do you think this will play out?

The immediate attraction is there – we see it in the long carriage ride to the place he plans to hold her. What ensues after they arrive is a proper negotiation. After all, a lady does not lose her head when faced with sheer life-threatening peril. Oh no, Ava is made of stouter stuff than that. She wants a fair deal. And a fair deal she gets.

And of course, neither of them would think of allowing emotions to enter into their little bargain, would they? Just let them try to keep that frame of mind as they make mad passionate love, and then bask in the afterglow….and they will find that love is a negotiation all its own.

But is a family feud that easily derailed? Danger lurks close by. Those would keep the war going will do anything to prevent their happy ending.

I really enjoyed Jess Michaels’ writing style and I can’t say enough about how well she wrote their feelings into the piece. From the start we see them as real people with complications in their lives and not just cookie cutter historical characters. Their story is well worth reading!  I give it a five star rating!

I look forward to reading more about Liam and hope he gets his own HEA.


For an excerpt see the Silken Sheets & Seduction guest post by Jess Michaels You’ll be glad you did!


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