Dirty Birdies Flock Hop Day 2!

Welcome to my continuing story for the Dirty Birdies Flock Hop! To read Day 1, go here: http://wp.me/p1JQUw-88

Again, this is our hero. Well, the morning after shot really. After his beach fling which is coming up very soon. Read on….

Sexy man

I bet he has a dirty mind!!

Megan entered the room and paused before the bed. “Undress me, Sharla.”

The woman at his feet stood, walked to the other end of the room and stood behind the bride. Megan gave him a look, as though daring him to make a peep. He didn’t. He was more than happy to stay silent. He crossed to the drink counter, poured himself another shot, and sat in a sumptuous and quite out of place leather chair.

Sharla made quick work of the dress’ fastenings. Her hands slipped the gown off Megan’s shoulders, revealing a see-through emerald colored, diamond-encrusted bra. He noted her nipples were tightened peaks, and adjusted his seat in the chair. The sight of Sharla’s hands brushing over the rosy buds had him gripping the glass.

“All the way down, Sharla.” The dress puddled on the floor. Above it, bright white stockings and garters adorned her thighs. Megan stepped out of the pool of fabric. “Hang it up, pet.”

She materialized a hangar from somewhere and spirited the dress away. When Sharla returned, she went immediately to Megan’s side and stared at the floor.

“Good girl. Now, prepare me.”

Sharla licked her lips and raised her hands to Megan’s nipples. Her slim fingers began to work them through the flimsy fabric, pinching, twisting and pulling them until Megan rocked her head back and moaned, jutting her breasts out. Sharla took hold of the bra and ripped it off, exposing Megan’s panting chest. She bent and took one of the nipples into her mouth.

He groaned. The ache between his legs demanded release. He rubbed the butt of the tumbler against it desperate to get closer to the action but knowing instinctively it wasn’t yet time. He hadn’t been invited yet. But he knew he couldn’t wait much longer.

One of of Sharla’s hands moved lower, disappearing into Megan’s panties. Megan gasped and opened her stance wider. “Yes, pet. Yes. Very good.”

He could see the outline of Sharla’s hand through the silken panties, smell Megan’s arousal, and his own too. As Megan’s moans grew louder, his clothing grew too uncomfortable. He undid the tie, then the first couple of buttons on his dress shirt. Then undid them all and took it off, sitting back in the chair still unsatisfied.

“The cuffs, my pet. Get the cuffs and restraints.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “You, come here if you plan to join us.”

He rose, cautiously. Perhaps he’d bitten off more than he could chew. He might be a beta and not an alpha, but if she thought for one minute he’d allow himself to be tied up by two women she was dead wrong. Of course, this was also just the type of thing he’d try just to push himself out of his safety zone and test his mettle. His head spun with arguments and answers as he approached the bed.

Sharla came back, handing her a bag of items. Megan searched through the bag then held out her hand to him. In the other hand, she held a knife. Blood play? His wolf howled, pacing and agitated. His human half hesitated. “Your husband knows about this?”

Megan nodded. “Of course. He understands my need to dominate. Give me your hand if you want to join us.”

Since it was just the type of thing he’d do to test his boundaries, he did. Megan gripped his wrist, and sliced a shallow cut across it. It bled, but not profusely. She then let go of his hand and sliced her own. From the look of the scars her wrist, she’d done this more than once. His nose tingled with the overly rich, sultry tang of her blood.

“Come, pet.” She held out her hand, and Sharla placed hers inside it. She made the cut, and a thin red line appeared on Sharla’s wrist. Megan held the blade containing all three of their bloods over a candle flame. Magic tinged the air.

His wolf howled so loud he thought it would crack the cave,and its whole body shook uncontrollably. He couldn’t understand why until the pretty lilac scent of Sharla’s blood smacked into him like an old Detroit engine. His knees buckled as his hands fisted and a growl left his lips. Only one word existed in his head and the fucker was roaring through it, tearing his soul apart. Mate.

“Sharla,” he rasped, his wolf barely under control. His need to mate with her overwhelming his senses, ripping at his sanity. God, he’d never expected to find his mate from a simple wedding interlude. This was a game changer.

Unable to suppress his need to be near her any longer, he approached the bed. Both women ignored him. Well, that is to say, neither of them looked the least bit frightened of a half-dressed man shaking and lightly growling. His human half wondered about this, but his wolf half was distracting him from any attempt at logical comprehension.

Megan stripped off Sharla’s dress without ceremony, laid her on the bed, tied her hands to the bed slats, then moved to tie her ankles. He bristled at the thought of his mate lying spread-eagle and helpless in front of anybody but himself. His urge to protect rose and he snarled at Megan, pushing her hands away. Sharla’s head came up, her expression puzzled. He wished he could explain.

Megan flashed him a nasty frown. “Look honey, this is our little game. We invited you to play, but you don’t get to run the show. Sit back and relax. You’ll get your turn.”

His human half struggled to remember manners and politeness when all he wanted to do was toss Megan aside and take his mate for himself. Now. The urge rode him hard, becoming an all-consuming desire. But his human half held it back by the reins – barely. Don’t take her now, not with this other woman here. Don’t be a cad. She’s your mate. You don’t want to fuck this up.

With a sigh he backed away and watched with intense concentration as Megan ran her hands over Sharla’s thighs in light teasing strokes. His wolf whined a complaint. He wanted to be the one to touch and tease her. Him. Not her. He grit his teeth and forced himself to let the situation unfold. Take the time. Be patient.

When Megan’s mouth pressed into Sharla’s folds he thought he’d lose it for sure. But all she did was tease her to the edge and then tease more. The woman had a cruel streak, he decided. Over and over, she told Sharla to hold it, not to come. And then she’d tease some more. He could feel Sharla’s need to release as an increasing pain in his own body, and it bothered him. He wasn’t into torturing women and certainly not his mate. Unzipping his pants and unwilling to stay on the sidelines any longer, he stepped forward to satisfy her. “Are you done?”

Megan’s gaze was cold as she sat back on her heels. “You want to play? Here are the rules. You may enter her, but she is completely under my control. I tell her when to come and when not to.”

His nose crinkled at her smug look. Nobody had the right to control his mate. Anger stirred, and he lashed out, grabbing her by the back of the head and forcing her to look at him. “No, I tell her. Not you. Me.”

The bed dipped and every hair on his body stood erect as if a sudden chill wind had blown across his grave. The rumbling low warning growl emitted next to him could only have come from a wolf. A very big, very angry wolf. He glanced to his left and inhaled at the size and ferocity of the rust-colored werewolf standing next to him. An alpha, it had to be. Not his, but an alpha nonetheless. And more than likely, the new groom. Holy shit. Very slowly, he released his grip on Megan’s hair and lowered his eyes to Sharla. “Mate,” he said softly, hoping for a reprieve.

The wolf stopped growling and sat on its haunches. It looked from him to Sharla and back and sniffed the air. It’s eyes regarded him knowingly. Megan sat up, sputtering. “Dirk, make him stop. I want to play. He’s ruining my game.”

The wolf shook its ruff, jumped down off the bed and padded to Megan’s side. It gave a whine, then nipped a hole in her stockings and trotted toward the back of the cave. Megan sighed and followed, obviously annoyed.

Sharla didn’t look happy either. Using the rest of his reserves he zipped up his pants and untied her from the bed but did not make a move to claim her. Then he wrapped her in a blanket and bore her off the bed and out of the cave kicking and screaming.

What a way to get a mate.

…. to be continued.

FYI – the Dirty Birdies Blog Hop comes with a giveaway from each participating author. I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of each of my books, Sweet Cravings, No Glass Between Them and Tentacles. Leave a comment here or on any of the days June 25-27 and say which book you’d like to win and you’ll be entered.

Happy reading!



8 thoughts on “Dirty Birdies Flock Hop Day 2!

  1. make sure if you want to win a book to leave the title in your comments. 🙂 Day 3 and the final installment of the mini-story will be up tomorrow. Until then….

  2. Steamy snippet! Thanks for sharing.

    I’d love to win Sweet Cravings. Thanks for the chance!

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