Dirty Birdies Flock Hop!

Welcome to the Dirty Birdies Flock Hop!

The theme for this hop is Eye Candy and I just happened to run across some very … shall we say 007-ish pass the martini and check out my abs … nice eye candy on Fotolia the other day. Here he is:

Sexy man

I bet he has a dirty mind!!

Now let’s see, what kind of story can we make up for him? To me, he looks like he’s just come off a wedding. To be more specific, he was at a wedding this afternoon and then went to a reception. He hates weddings. Finds them extremely boring. Except he likes it when he can find a hot date.

Oh, and his name is Sean. Yeah, that works. Heh.

Sean kept his eye on the curly blonde in the fuchsia wrap dress, liking every minute of the fact her gaze on him never wavered for long. He wasn’t hard up for a woman, but he was particular in his tastes. This one had an air of danger about her. She knew how to play, and probably played hard. His mouth twisted into a sly grin just thinking what he’d do once he got her out of that dress.

She turned her back, walking out the open french doors and onto the patio. He followed at a leisurely pace, not wanting to draw attention to their exit. The wedding reception easily had a hundred people in attendance. A hundred pairs of eyes. He favored privacy for his recreational activities.

Outside the patio gave way to a sprawling emerald green lawn dotted with guests here and there. In between a pair of couples he spotted her, still moving away from him as though with a purpose in mind. Either that, or she’d had a sudden bout of sanity and was running away. Inhaling the trail of her scent, he tracked her movements.

Just past the gigantic greenhouse she paused and turned her head. Yes, he was coming. She needn’t have worried. But then she knelt and slipped off her pumps. Quickly she disappeared into the blackberry bushes. With a question mark floating overhead, he went to inspect the scene.

Ah, a small, almost imperceptible but well-worn path led through the bushes, probably down to the beach below. A smile crossed his lips. Women with secrets were the best, and this one had a few up her sleeve. He left his shoes on and after casting a last glance at the party guests to make sure they weren’t seen, he stepped onto the trail.

The trail wound for almost a quarter mile, steadily decreasing its incline so that at the end, he set foot in the soft tan colored sand of the beach. The air smelled good here, clean with a whiff of salty carried in from the ocean. To his left he spied the woman near an entrance to what appeared to be a cave. She hovered by a boulder, smiling enticingly, knowingly. He couldn’t resist the tug that urged him closer.

“You’ve been here before?” he asked.

“Oh yes. Megan and I used to play here a lot growing up.” The sparkle in her eyes held a wicked gleam.

He licked his lips, imagining how much he’d like some of her wickedness. “What kind of games did you play?”

“Doctor.” The suggestion in her voice held notes of confession, but also unapology.

His eyebrows went up. “With the bride?” Now that was an interesting picture.

“And anybody else we could get to play with us.” She stepped forward, cupping his balls with her hand.

Oh my. His cock grew instantly hard. “You don’t have any of that doctor equipment left in there,” he inclined his head toward the cave, “do you?”

“Come and find out,” she purred.

He followed her into a spaciously small cave that smelled of lavender and the sea. It took a couple minutes for his eyes to fully adjust to the change in the light so he stayed put, content to watch the mystery woman’s body as she moved, lithe and graceful. When he could see better, he noted why she’d taken off her shoes – the floor of the cave looked damp. But he couldn’t understand how the rocky surface didn’t hurt her feet.

She stumbled and slipped a few seconds later, and he caught her in his arms. Her soft hair swayed over his forearms in a soft caress. Her waist, her hips, felt good to the touch. Firm yet supple. He inhaled. She smelled of ocean and naughtiness. His wolf sighed dreamily.

“You should be more careful.” His lips twisted in a smirk. “This hideaway seems to be a pretty dangerous place for such a beautiful young woman.”

She laughed. “I was reaching for the light switch.” She touched the wall behind him and a path of sconces flared to life, flickering along the cave’s wall. With the extra light, he could now see a bed, a few kinky looking devices hanging from the ceiling, and a small greenish pool just beyond.

“What the hell…?” Wait a second. If they’d been here often enough to have installed electricity, then they had played a lot of doctor.

Mystery woman stepped out of his arms and sauntered to the wall. “Would you like a drink?” She pressed a rock and a shelf slid smoothly out. On it were an array of decanters and glassware. She picked up a glass and added ice cubes. “What’s your poison?”

You, honey, he wanted to say. But he found himself more than a little surprised at the plethora and depth of this woman’s secrets. He also had the feeling he could name the most obscure of single malt scotches, she’d be sure to have it. To check out his theory he said, “Dalwhinnie 15.”

Clink. Clink. Two more cubes tumbled into the glass and she grabbed a decanter. “You got it.” She swiveled her hips as she brought the glass to him. “Anything else you’d like?”

“You.” He downed the contents in one swig and handed her the glass. She accepted it, leaving his hands free. He drew her body to his, pressing his mouth to hers. She whined at the contact, her fingers digging into his arm as she tried to push away. He lifted his lips from her soft moist ones reluctantly. He’d expected less of a fight and more of a welcoming reaction. He traced her bottom lip with a finger. “On the bed, you little tease.”

She raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think I’m authorized to take you alone?”

His head cocked like a dog’s. “You’re not?”

She shook her head. “Not until my mistress says so.”

“Sharla, have you not been good?” The voice echoed through the cave and he turned to see the bride, still dressed in resplendent white, coming through a doorway he hadn’t noticed. “Have you been unable to hold back your desires? What have I told you about that? Hmmm?”

The woman, Sharla, dropped to her knees on the rock floor in front of him. And damn if his cock didn’t grow so iron hard it ached from having her head, her mouth so close to it and from the sudden realization that Sharla wasn’t just Megan’s playmate, she was Megan’s sub. And he’d been invited along for the ride…

…. to be continued.

FYI – the Dirty Birdies Blog Hop comes with a giveaway from each participating author. I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of each of my books, Sweet Cravings, No Glass Between Them and Tentacles. Leave a comment here or on any of the days June 25-27 and say which book you’d like to win and you’ll be entered.

Happy reading!



13 thoughts on “Dirty Birdies Flock Hop!

  1. Thanks for taking party in the hop and the exciting little read. If I win I would love to read Tentacles.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

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