Welcome author Rosanna Leo!

A warm welcome to fellow author Rosanna Leo! In case y’all don’t know she’s the author of The Selkie, a book about a hot rather wet and slippery guy and the woman who learns to love him. *swoon* Of course I read it! And then I pelted her with mah burning questions:LSB_the Selkie_450x600

First, have you watched the movie Ondine by director Neil Jordan? I’d be curious to know if it inspired you at all. or was it a more Bridgett Jones’ diary type of story seedling? I did watch Ondine, and must say, I was sort of disappointed. Being a lover of the paranormal, I kept wishing she really was the mermaid! I’m sad that way. No, The Selkie was merely inspired by the mythology of Orkney. I’ve always been a myth lover, and was captivated by the idea of this man who could come to you, love you senseless, and then disappear. I thought it was romantic and tragic at the same time.

Second, you write about the Orkneys as if you are familiar with them. Do you have a history with the area? THANK YOU! That is what I’d hoped to hear. No, I have never been, but have researched the heck out of the area. Right down to street names and accents and lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to travel all over Scotland, so any love you hear in my voice for the area, is a true longing to be there.
Lastly, what about the selkie myth drew you? Which parts inspired you to write a hunky selkie man? and more importantly… are you going to do it again? a series perhaps? Yes! My second selkie book, Selkie’s Revenge, is currently in edits with Liquid Silver Books and will be about Calan’s brother Machar. I can’t wait. As for the myth, the part that inspired me most was the idea that this creature could be a sexual genie, bringing love to women who need it most. I thought it provided the basis of one heck of an erotic story. As for the hunky part, well, when you read the myths, selkies are astoundingly captivating creatures. It wasn’t hard to be inspired by that!
 Yay! More Sellkies are on the way!
*fans self*
Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming….. heh….
From Rosanna Leo:

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the lovely to Eva for hosting me today. Any woman who throws cream puffs and sexy chefs my way is fine by me!

I’m here today to talk about unexpected reactions from readers, specifically men.

I’ve been a published author for over a year now, and have been so appreciative of reader comments and emails. It’s gratifying to hear from the women who pick up my erotic romances. One day not long ago, the strangest thing happened. I got a review from a man!

It was on Amazon, and I’d happened upon it quite by accident. I expected the old drivel about chick lit. Let’s face it: not every dude appreciates romance. However, this man was quite enthusiastic about my book. It floored me.

Before long, I began to see more reviews coming in from men, as well as Facebook comments from men who’d picked up one of my books. Truthfully, it still shocks me when one of them raves. I work in a library part-time, and most men check out books by Clive Cussler and Stephen King and David Baldacci. You know, macho lit. It was wonderful to see that there are men out there who aren’t afraid to explore their romantic side while reading, and who like a literary tickle.

I think the best reaction yet from a man was from a friend’s husband. She’d shared my book with her hubby…in bed. He later told her it was “the best $5 you’ve ever spent.”

I can live with those reactions. 

*GRINS* That’s awesome, Rosanna! I hope the guys also check out your latest release, Sunburn.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop

Here’s the blurb:

Patience O’Conner is a travel blogger who lives for her work. Her dedication to her readers brings her to the famed Helios Resort in Mexico, a locale that stuns her with its beauty but at which she suffers from some very strange accidents.

Luckily, hunky resort bartender Apollo Delos is always there in the nick of time, a malcontent guardian angel. Apollo stuns Patience again and again with his life-saving abilities, to say nothing of his smoldering looks and apparent desire to keep her alive.

Before long, Patience wonders if there is more to the sexy bartender than mixed cocktails and insane first-aid skills. Something strange is happening at Helios and Apollo doesn’t want to talk about it.

Can Patience open herself up to this enigmatic man, even though she is terrified to be vulnerable again? And can Apollo recover from an eternity of hurt and learn to trust once more? They must both decide before Death comes calling.

Sunburn Excerpt:

She approached the booth, only to find the blond bartender manning it. Her eyes almost popped and she blurted, “You!”

He grinned, but there was still a tightness around his eyes, as if he were sizing her up. “Hello, Patience.” His strained expression said volumes about what he considered to be the unsuitability of her name.

She tried to ignore the sucker punch in her gut, the one that hit her as soon as his deep, velvety voice caressed her eardrums. “Aren’t you supposed to be at the bar?”

His smile grew wider, showing off his perfect white teeth. “I’m everywhere.”

“Clearly.” She forced herself to look away from his gorgeous face, feeling light-headed because of the suns dancing in her eyes, the suns that seemed to come from him. To distract herself, she touched a few of the painted bowls on display. Not that it snuffed out those blasted suns.

He stepped closer. “Do you see anything you like?”

She choked on her saliva and coughed like a victim of the Black Death. He rushed to calm her, putting his hand on her back, massaging. She recovered upon feeling his touch and was hit by the bizarre, fleeting notion his touch made her recover. As if he’d healed her.

Utter nonsense. Yet as much as it was nonsense, her head swam with the bizarre possibility.

“Better?” he asked quietly, his face serious now.

She stared into the man’s eyes. They were blue, so very blue. “Uh, yeah, thanks.” Curiosity got the better of her and the question poured out. “What’s your name anyway?”

He breathed in. “Apollo Delos.”

“Oh, wow,” she said, breaking into a grin. “Just like Apolo Anton Ohno! I loved him on Dancing with the Stars!”

He got a curious look and let out a strange laugh. “Yeah. Just like him.”

Sunburn is available at http://www.lsbooks.com/sunburn-p743.php



Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books. Her books include For the Love of a God, Up In Flames, Sweet Hell, The Selkie and her newest, Sunburn. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.






Thanks for being here Rosanna! Good luck with your new book and the upcoming Selkie release!



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