Six Sentence Sunday May 5, 2013

And now for something a little different….

A sci-fi romance tidbit from The Trouble with Memories! *Yay!* The scene from ZOE IDOLO where Radium Lavans is staring out the window inspired the story:


Captain Sykes stood in the same position she found him every morning when she delivered the day’s orders – next to the high windowed wall watching the sleek sub-light fighters he’d once flown roar past on their training runs, engines glowing in the early twin-sun dawn.

As usual, he did not acknowledge her arrival. Didn’t twitch a muscle anywhere on his rigid frame. However, his eagle-like eyes followed every dip and swoop the fighters made as though he could force his consciousness into one of their cockpits by sheer force of will and fly it, if only he concentrated hard enough.

He’d looked at her with that intensity once, too. But in the two years since he’d been back from the Mars mission he’d never even glanced at her – no matter how she’d tried to entice him.




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