My Decadent journey…

A bunch of us authors are waxing poetic today about how we came to be pubbed at Decadent Publishing < the best publisher on Earth! *grins*

When I originally wrote Sweet Cravings, I had no idea where I’d eventually send it. You see, I write short and *hot* and not all publishers want short. Sadly, I don’t know if I will ever write a full-length novel in my entire life! (But if I do. it will be SciFi and it will be a real hum-dinger). Heh.

So, I was talking with Haley Whitehall, who does write full-length historical novels and we snooped around the internet for somewhere to sub Sweet Cravings, which at that time was named Bakery Delights. Oh yes. There’s much delight in the story…. wink wink!

Either her or I found Decadent’s submissions page and the rest was history. Of course, I had to check out some of their books for *ahem* research purposes. This is the first Decadent title I ever read:

DLJ_Courtesan Boot Camp_MD

After that, I pretty much knew I’d found a home!

Although the word count minimums for Decadent start out low, my book actually grew a bit in the editing process. It went from 10k to 15k in a hurry! Got *hotter* as it went too. Funny how that works.

For other Decadent authors on the tour today, click here:

Decadent authors promo 1

Here’s hoping you find many new authors to rave about!



9 thoughts on “My Decadent journey…

  1. Nothing wrong with short stories! That’s what I write for Decadent, too. & their editing process is awesome. thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I write short too, and I love to read short where I can read an entire book before I go to bed but still hit my bedtime and get everything else done I need to during the day. Decadent = perfect length for me!

  3. One of my favorite things about Decadent stories is the length. I love knowing I can get a quality story I can read in an evening, two days max. Thank you for sharing your story, Eva, and for leaving a comment on mine!

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