Six Sentence Sunday April 14, 2013

Dear readers,

I have been working on a F/F short story to submit for the LadyLit call posted in Erotica for All. But with the short word count limits – 2,000 to 3,500 – I found my story too long to submit. (In its current form, who knows what will happen in the next week or so). But I am having fun with it. Here’s a short snippet:

This might be the perfect cover!

This might be the perfect cover!


The longing inherent in her plea melted her resolve. Contessa wanted, needed to be touched. Now. This she could do. Give her the same pleasure as watching her dance had always given her.

Her hand caressed down the downy soft curve of her back and slipped over her ass. Her short stubby fingers delved between her folds to find her … moist. A pulse of raw desire throbbed in her pussy. Contessa was on top of her, naked and wet. It was almost too good to be true. Her every fantasy come to life.

Yes, that was over six sentences. One day, I’ll learn to mind my manners! LOL





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