New Release: Desire Unleashed by Layne Macadam

Fellow author Layne Macadam has a new release out, and it’s got an alpha male ready to rumble to protect his lady! And, you will note – this is book 1 in a series… Here’s the cover and blurb:
LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop
When schoolteacher Kathy Bellamy, moved from Louisiana to Coronado, she didn’t expect her secret dream or her worst nightmare to become a reality.
     Kathy longs for the fairytale. An old-fashioned girl saving herself for the right guy, but after only one date with Navy SEAL trainer Shane Jackson, she trashes her values and willingly tumbles into the sack without a thought for the consequences.
     Confirmed bachelor and relationship cynic, Jackson has no room in his life for a permanent woman. Temporary liaisons are all he is up for. Cocky and self-assured, he believes he can pick a likeminded player at one glance. So when he discovers that Kathy, is the complete antithesis of what he believed, he is thrown into a tailspin. But before long and way out of his comfort zone, he finds himself knee deep in a relationship that he can’t quite seem to end.
     Kathy’s love life is evolving parallel with her nightmare. The object of a maniac, when she throws caution to the wind with Shane on the beach one day and acts out of character, her actions are seen by her stalker as a betrayal that demands retribution in blood. Abducted and taken to a secret location at knifepoint, can Shane, who himself is the ultimate predator find and rescue her, before it is too late?


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