Six Sentence Sunday March 17, 2013

Ha! I bet you thought I was gonna give you another Six Sentence Sunday based on Sweet Cravings but I’m not.

See how I fool with ya? 🙂

Instead, I’m gonna give you six sentences of this:



“Excuse me. May I have the key to room 759, please?”

“What is your name?”

“Arjun Mukesh. I was sent by—”

“Yes. I know. Here you are.” The clerk dropped the key from above his hand, careful not to touch the skin of his palm. He was used to that. He nodded in thanks and walked away. The key felt heavy in his hand, substantial. In the reflection of the lobby’s recessed lighting, it glittered like gold, making him giddy.

He turned his head and an uneasy sensation of being watched crept over him, stealing his glee, scattering it like ashes on the river. No, no, no. Not here. Not now. Please. Please, let me just have this one night.

As his feet pounded up the stairs – he was too afraid to risk the elevator lest he be seen – the thought repeated over and over in his head: it’s the only night of true pleasure I’ll ever have.

*** Okay, I lied. That was more than 6 sentences! So sue me! Ha!

I am subbing this to Decadent Publishing right now. Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday.




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